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Online Guide to Writing and Research

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Writing Arguments

A lot of the writing you will do while in school and at work will be argumentative. For example, you may be assigned to write a paper expressing your point of view or opinion on a situation or influential individual. At work, you might need to write a memo or a proposal about which course of action the company should take in the future. In both scenarios, you are trying to persuade the readers about a position. 

We write argumentatively for a few reasons:

  • To persuade the reader that what we have to say is correct, intelligent, and rational and that our explanation or position makes sense and is appropriate. 

  • To argue that one position is superior to another, or we may present both sides of an argument fairly, allowing readers to draw their own conclusions.

However, writing to argue does not mean winning at any cost or simply taking sides. To argue means to present issues and ideas in a fair-minded and rational way—to appeal to the reader’s open mind and judgment. 

Use research evidence to support your claims as well as maintain an objective tone. Being logical and rational will strengthen your argument. 


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