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Online Guide to Writing and Research

The Writing Process


Getting from Notes to Your Draft


Freewriting is exactly what it sounds like: freely writing. The purpose is to write without worry and without stopping. Writing without stopping means that we resist the urge to edit as we go. We focus on generating ideas of all kinds without worrying about their value or usefulness. 

Freewriting releases your commitment to perfection and allows you the platform and freedom to share your thoughts without any inhibitions. Write what you are thinking. The entire point is to get your ideas flowing and to induce deep thinking. This isn’t something anyone else is going to see. You won’t be turning this in. So, there will always be time to revise it later. As you sit down to write freely, consider the freewriting strategies below.

Types of Freewriting

Free freewriting sounds really free, doesn’t it? It is. The goal here is to write until you don’t feel like it anymore or your brain is tired, with no timer and no worries about your worries. If you’re worried, write about it! After all, a mind that is allowed to let out insecurities and worries is a mind that now has room to focus on the topic at hand.

While the amount of time you decide to write is up to you, decide how long you would like to write and set a timer. The purpose of this is to motivate you to carve the time out and commit to writing anything you are thinking of on the topic. If you go off topic, it’s fine. During this timed session, don’t stop writing until the timer goes off. 

Staying within a five-to-ten-minute range, focus solely on your assignment prompt and write as much as you can without hesitation or going off topic. Anything that relates to this topic is great to write about. Try your best to stay on topic, but if you aren’t sure about something, write it anyway. Write until your brain stops coming up with new things to say.

Let’s say your professor wants you to write a paper about technology addiction. Write that in the center of the page. Then, write whatever you can think of about technology addiction. Writing down everything you know about a certain word or topic is a great way to see where your knowledge level is on the topic and will indicate how much research you’ll need to do later.


Key Takeaways

  • Freewriting holds space for free thinking, which relaxes you and helps avoid writer’s block. 

  • You are free to free write in any way you wish; if you are comfortable and your mind is active, you are on the right path. 


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