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Online Guide to Writing and Research

Books to Help You Improve Your Writing


General Dictionaries

  • The American heritage college dictionary (4th ed.). (2007). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

  • McCutcheon, M. (2010). Roget’s super thesaurus (4th ed.). Cincinnati, OH: F + W Media/Writer’s Digest Books.

  • Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary (11th ed.). (2008). Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster.

  • New Oxford American dictionary (3rd ed.) (2010) New York: Oxford University Press.

  • Webster’s new world college dictionary (4th ed.). (2008). Cleveland, OH: Wiley.

Special Dictionaries

  • Devoe, Robin. (2019). Dictionary of the strange, curious & lovely

  • Garner, B. A. (Ed.). (2009). Black’s law dictionary (9th ed.). St. Paul, MN: West.

  • Imber, J., & Toffler, B. (2008). Dictionary of marketing terms (4th ed.). Hauppauge, NY: Barron’s Educational Series.

  • McGraw-Hill dictionary of scientific and technical terms (7th ed.). (2012). New York: McGraw-Hill.

  • Merriam-Webster’s dictionary of law, newest edition. (2016). Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster, Inc.

  • Mitchell, G. D. (Ed.). (2007). A new dictionary of the social sciences (2nd ed.). New Brunswick, NJ: Aldine.

  • Pettijohn, T. (Ed.). (1991). The encyclopedic dictionary of psychology (4th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.

  • Pfaffenberger, B. (Ed.). (2003). Webster’s new world computer dictionary (10th ed.). New York: Hungry Minds.

  • Wechman, R. J. (2000). Dictionary of economics and business: A thousand key terms and people (2nd ed.). Champaign, IL: Stipes.

  • Weiner, R. (1996). Webster’s new world dictionary of media and communications (2nd ed.). New York: Macmillan.

Online Dictionaries and Apps

  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary

  • Oxford English Dictionary

  • Macmillan Online Dictionary



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