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Online Guide to Writing and Research

Academic Integrity and Documentation

Types of Documentation

Bibliographies and Source Lists

What is a bibliography?

A bibliography is a list of books and other source material that you have used in preparing a research paper. Sometimes these lists will include works that you consulted but did not cite specifically in your assignment. Consult the style guide required for your assignment to determine the specific title of your bibliography page as well as how to cite each source type. Bibliographies are usually placed at the end of your research paper.

What is an annotated bibliography?

A special kind of bibliography, the annotated bibliography, is often used to direct your readers to other books and resources on your topic. An instructor may ask you to prepare an annotated bibliography to help you narrow down a topic for your research assignment. Such bibliographies offer a few lines of information, typically 150-300 words, summarizing the content of the resource after the bibliographic entry.   

Example of Annotated Bibliographic Entry in MLA Style

Waddell, Marie L., Robert M. Esch, and Roberta R. Walker. The Art of Styling 
       Sentences: 20 Patterns for Success. 3rd ed. New York: Barron’s, 1993. 
       A comprehensive look at 20 sentence patterns and their variations to 
       teach students how to write effective sentences by imitating good style.


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