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Online Guide to Writing and Research

Assessing Your Writing


Supposedly, the journalist Burton Rascoe once complained that he had yet to convince his wife that when he was “staring out of the window,” he was writing. Whether he actually said anything like this or not, writing is more than just writing. We think, we research, we take notes, we brainstorm, we think some more, we do some exploratory writing, maybe we write a draft, and then we think some more. A lot goes into writing, so much that keeping track of it all can be difficult.

However, keeping track of each part of the writing process is important, as the parts build on each other. The glue that connects each part is “assessment.” 

Even experienced writers, who should know better, forget steps in the writing process. They leave out a crucial supporting point, they omit a thesis statement, they dive into drafting without having developed their thoughts in a brainstorm or exploratory writing section, or sometimes they neglect to do their research. 

To hold themselves accountable, writers assess their work at each stage, to make sure they are performing the work necessary for their project. 

This module provides guidance for evaluating your writing as well as a guide to how others will assess it. Several of the pages provide checklists to help you isolate the significant elements at different stages. If you are not sure what these stages are, or when they occur, review the previous modules in this online guide.

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