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Online Guide to Writing and Research

Using Library Resources

Finding Library Resources

To be a good researcher, you must be able to locate, organize, evaluate, and communicate information. Libraries are a primary resource for conducting academic research. Learning how to use them and their resources effectively is important to understanding the research process.

Libraries provide access to information through online research databases and library catalogs, e‑books and e‑journals, and Internet resources, as well as traditional print resources. Physical books from the 16 libraries of the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI) can be ordered online and delivered within the continental United States. DocumentExpress allows students to retrieve full-text resources that might not be available through a school’s research databases.  Understanding how to select and use the appropriate resources for specific information needs is the key to successful research. To become adept at locating and using information for research, you must know about the many different resources that are available to you here at UMGC.

The following links provide information about the resources available to you as a UMGC student through the University of Maryland Global Campus Library.

Library Landing Page

Ask a Librarian



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About the Library     

Always utilize this fantastic resource that is available while you are pursuing your academic goals.  Librarians are the conduit between the information seekers and the information itself.  They love to help.

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