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Learn about the leaders, policies, and programs that make UMGC a leading provider of career-relevant higher education.

The administration at University of Maryland Global Campus helps the university operate smoothly and efficiently. Learn about university leadership, centers and institutes, art, diversity, and much more.

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Leadership and Governance
Find information on UMGC's leadership, governance, strategic plan, and accreditation.

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Policies & Reporting
Learn about the policies governing UMGC's operations and the institutional data we report.

Arts and Diversity
Learn about UMGC's art and diversity programs and how they reflect our rich culture and values.

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Jobs at UMGC
Learn about employment opportunities for faculty and staff at University of Maryland Global Campus.
UMGC is a school that will support you. The administration, the professors, they understand the things that you're dealing with, and they will do whatever it takes to make sure that you can accomplish your dreams.

La'Tora J., Kathleen, GA MS in Business Management


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