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Policies & Reporting

Learn about the policies governing UMGC's operations and the institutional data we report.

University of Maryland Global Campus is committed to your safety and well-being and expects all members of the university to act responsibly and respectfully. Our policies and reporting procedures may affect faculty, staff, students, and the community at large.

A Supportive Community

Institutional Data
Find information on UMGC, including fact books, learning outcome assessments, and other institutional data.

Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)
Learn about the sexual misconduct policy and to whom you can report violations at UMGC.

Fair Practices Unit
Meet the team that ensures fair practices at University of Maryland Global Campus.

Learn more about academic, fiscal, human resources, and other policies and procedures at UMGC.

Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect
Learn how to report suspected child abuse and neglect at UMGC.

HEERF/CARES Act Funding Reports
UMGC posts CARES Act funding reports for public access.