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UMGC Strategic Plan (2024–2030)

Strategic Plan 2024-2030

For more than 75 years, University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) has been a pioneer in serving adult learners in Maryland, across the country, and around the world. Now, we are plotting our strategic path forward as reflected in our UMGC 2024–2030 Strategic Plan.

This Strategic Plan is a tool designed to guide the university as it works to achieve its vision of becoming the learner-centric, data-driven, and skills-based school of choice for adults and business. This plan is rooted in foundational commitments reflecting our history and mission and establishes a series of strategic priorities that advance our vision, position us for growth, and build financial strength. It is the product of a collaborative process, guided by advisors from across the university and incorporating input and feedback from team members, units and geographic divisions.

Read the full plan here, or view the highlights below.

UMGC Mission

The mission of University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) is to inspire hope, empower dreams, and transform lives … one student at a time.

UMGC Vision

UMGC aspires to be the school of choice for adults and business because we are learner-centric, data-driven, and skills-based.

Watch this video to learn more about our foundation and our future.
To achieve this, we must look past traditional educational norms and standards and develop the capability to constantly measure our success in terms of the objectives of our learners.

Gregory W. Fowler, PhD President, University of Maryland Global Campus


Core Values

The core values of UMGC support its institutional vision for the future of learning and ensure the fidelity of the university’s commitment to its learners and community.

Foundational Commitments

We commit to building on the following fundamental elements of our institutional character and drawing strength from them as we evolve to meed the dynamic and evolving needs of our leaders and our community.

Learner Centricity

Learner Centricity logo

Learner Centricity

Our strategy must continue to center our diverse learners by identifying their needs, removing barriers, and providing them with access to opportunities other institutions cannot.

Our People

Our People logo

Our People

We recognize that achieving our mission requires foundational and ongoing investment in this global team, their growth and development, and our culture as an organization.

Global Reach

Global Reach logo

Global Reach

We will continue our commitment to meet our adult learners where they are around the globe through our digital reach, global operations, and geographically distributed locations.


Military logo


We will continue to be a leading education provider to active and reserve service members, veterans, and their families.

Spirit of Innovation

Spirit of Innovation logo

Spirit of Innovation

Our agile and innovative spirit has allowed us to push the boundaries of traditional postsecondary education and be a changemaker among our sister institutions in the University System of Maryland.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation logo

Digital Transformation

UMGC will invest in modernizing our technological capabilities to enable our spirit of innovation and accomplish our strategic priorities while providing a seamless experience for our learners.

State of Maryland

State of Maryland logo

State of Maryland

As the USM’s open access institution, our strategic priorities must facilitate access for Maryland citizens and organizations.


Strategic Priorities

UMGC will focus on the following five strategic priorities to pursue our stated vision, beginning immediately and continuing through 2030.

Market-responsive portfolio management that continuously adapts to learner and employer needs.

A skills architecture that can be translated between educational and work experiences.

Targeted expansion that strengthens and diversifies our learner population.

A responsive, tailored, and seamless experience to maximize the success of our diverse learners.

Intentional study of and investment in our people's needs.