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New Hire Orientation

Get ready to start your new job at UMGC.

Congratulations on your new job at the University of Maryland Global Campus. We are delighted that you are joining our talented and dedicated staff and collegiate faculty. In your new position, you will play a critical role in helping UMGC achieve its mission and strategic goals. This site is dedicated to preparing you to make decisions about your benefits and arrive at UMGC informed and ready to enroll.

Preparing for Your First Day

During your first day at UMGC, you will meet with a human resources specialist to review and enroll in your employee benefits. Documents must be submitted in black ink, without any errors (such as scratches, white-out, etc.). Most documents are provided in Adobe PDF format. To access them, you may need to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and disable your browser's pop-up blocker.

Step 1: Complete Human Resources Forms

Print and complete UMGC's human resources forms and bring them with you on your first day.

Step 2: Review Your Benefits Package

Read our benefits enrollment information page to learn more about your UMGC benefit choices.

Step 3: Select Your Retirement Plan

Enrollment in a retirement plan is mandatory for all non-exempt and exempt regular status employees and all 12-month collegiate faculty. Read our retirement enrollment information, then print and complete your enrollment forms and bring them with you on your first day.

Step 4: Review the Checklist

Before your start date, a human resources specialist will contact you with instructions on how to access and complete your new hire onboarding documents. Please be sure to carefully read the instructions prior to completing and submitting your documents.


Bring all questions regarding benefits and retirement enrollment with you on your first day.