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UMGC Employment and Income Verification

Learn about an automated service that helps you provide employment and income verification to third parties.

University of Maryland Global Campus uses the Work Number—an automated service that enables you to quickly provide proof of your employment or income—for employment and income verification.

The Work Number

With the Work Number, you benefit from having control of the process, since you authorize access to your information. The Work Number provides verification services to more than 50 million employees. It is widely known to mortgage lenders, bank and apartment managers, and others who may need proof of employment or income, and it is easy for them to use. The Work Number can be used anytime, anywhere—by phone or online—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Proof of Employment

To provide proof of employment, give the following information to the person requesting proof:

Proof of Income

For proof of income or salary information, you will need a salary key—a six-digit number that allows one-time access to your salary information. To obtain this key, visit or call 800-367-2884. Select the "Employee" option and log in using the following information:

  • User ID/Social Security Number
  • UMGC employer code (14819)
  • PIN (your birthday in MM/DD/YYYY format)

Select the "Create a Salary Key" option and record the six-digit salary key. You can then provide the person requesting proof of your income or salary information with your social security number, the UMGC employer code (14819), the salary key, and the Work Number access options ( or 800-367-5690).

For further assistance, please contact UMGC human resources at 301-985-7990 or or call the Work Number at 800-996-7566 (TTY 800-424-0253), Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–8 p.m., central time.

Learn More About The Work Number

Download a flyer about The Work Number