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Information Governance, Security, and Technology Policies

Learn about the policies and procedures related to the management of UMGC's IT resources, including but not limited to, proper use, security, privacy, and networks.

Policy Number Policy Title
USM X-1.00 Policy on USM Institutional Information Technology Policies (Including Functional Compatibility with The State Information Technology Plan)
UMGC X-1.01 Information Governance
UMGC X-1.02 Data Classification
UMGC X-1.03

Records and Information Management

UMGC P-X-1.03: Records and Information Management Procedures

UMGC X-1.04 Information Security
UMGC X-1.05 Information Security Awareness and Training
UMGC X-1.06 Information Security Incident Response
UMGC X-1.07 Information Security Audit and Accountability
UMGC X-1.08 IT Resources Configuration Management
UMGC X-1.09 IT Disaster Recovery
UMGC X-1.10 Identity and Access Management
UMGC X-1.11 Remote Access
UMGC X-1.12 Acceptable Use
UMGC X-1.13 Employee IT Security
UMGC X-1.14 Media Protection
UMGC X-1.15 Maintenance of Information Systems and Technology Resources
UMGC X-1.16 Security Assessment of Information Systems and Technology Resources
UMGC X-1.17 Situational Awareness of Information Systems and Technology Resources
UMGC X-1.18 Information Security Risk Management
UMGC X-1.19A Account Management (UMGC Learner Community)
UMGC X-1.19B Account Management (UMGC Workforce)
UMGC X-1.20 Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) Compliance
UMGC X-1.21 System and Communication Protection
UMGC X-1.22 System and Information Integrity
UMGC X-1.23 Physical Security of Information Technology
UMGC X-1.24 IT Asset Management
UMGC X-1.25 Mobile Device
UMGC X-1.26 Electronic Mail
UMGC X-1.27 Third Party Vendor Management