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Academic Affairs Policies

Find academic affairs policies including admissions, degree completion, and plagiarism.

Policy Number Policy Title
051.00 Religious Observances
080.00 Awarding of Honorary Degrees and other Honors
080.10 Process for Selection and Timeline for Honorary Degrees
110.11 For the Consideration of New and Existing Academic Programs
130.70 Student Grievance Procedures
130.80 Procedures for Review of Alleged Arbitrary and Capricious Grading
150.25 Academic Integrity Policy
150.30 Procedures for Reports of Academic Misconduct
150.50 Misconduct in Scholarly Work
151.10 Academic Credit for Prior Learning and Military Experience
153.00 Individualized Learning Courses (ILC)
158.00 Undergraduate Academic Levels of Progress
158.01 Academic Standing Status for Graduate Students
160.00 Credit Hour Definition
170.10 Graduate Admissions Policy
170.40 Degree Completion Requirements for Graduate Students
170.41 Degree Completion Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree
170.42 Degree Completion Requirements for an Associate's Degree
170.71 Policy on Grade of Incomplete
170.72 Course Withdrawal
200.00 Textbook Policy
205.06 Calculation Of Grade-Point Average (GPA) for Inclusion on Transcripts and Transcript Requests
205.07 The Grade of N
210.00 Undergraduate Admissions Policy
210.11 Misrepresentation
210.12 Readmission for Military Servicemembers
210.13 Recruitment and Enrollment
210.14 Disclosure of Student Records
210.17 Graduate Transfer Credit Evaluation and Appeal Process 
210.18 Undergraduate Transfer Credit Evaluation and Appeal Process
210.19 Registration
210.70 Cancellation of Courses
211.00 Policy on Cross Enrollment
215.00 Student Academic Load and Enrollment Status
353.00 Tuition Remission for Faculty, Staff, and Family Members in UMGC Courses
710.00 The Awarding of Continuing Education Units (CEU's)