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Policy 170.72

Course Withdrawal

Policy CategoryPolicy No. & TitlePolicy OwnerVersion No.Effective DateLast Reviewed
Academic Affairs
Policy 170.72 Course Withdrawal PolicySVP & CAOv.4Oct. 25, 2022Apr. 17, 2020
  1. Definitions
    1. Drop
      1. Students taking courses through UMGC are permitted to drop a course within the timeframe specified below.
      2. A drop means that the course will not appear on the student's transcript, and the tuition and related fees will be fully refunded.
    2. Withdrawal
      1. After the drop period has passed, students taking courses through UMGC are permitted to withdraw from a course until 65 percent of the course has been completed.
      2. A withdrawal means that students will receive a "W" grade for the course and will be responsible for all fees and all or a portion of the tuition.
      3. Please refer to the withdrawal policies in Asia and Europe for specific information about the timeframe to withdraw from course offerings in the overseas divisions.
  2. Policy for Drop and Withdrawal
    1. Students must follow the applicable drop and withdrawal procedures and deadlines, which can be found on the undergraduate academic calendar and the graduate academic calendar.
    2. Only students themselves are permitted to execute a drop or withdrawal from one or more course. Students who do not withdraw within the stated deadlines and in accordance with this policy will receive the grade earned for that course and forfeit any tuition refund.
    3. Students receiving financial aid who plan to withdraw have the responsibility to follow UMGC's withdrawal procedures and should refer to UMGC Policy V-2.01 – Federal Financial Aid Return of Funds Policy or contact their Financial Aid Office for more information. Please be advised that if a student receiving financial aid withdraws from a course, there may be financial penalties. To learn more about the Federal Return of Funds Policy, please visit the Return of Title IV Funds Information.
  3. Refunds for Drop and Withdrawal: The amount of tuition that students are refunded is based on the date of the drop or withdrawal.
    1. Drop
      1. Students who drop in accordance with the stated deadline will be allotted a full tuition and non-application fee refund.
      2. Students will be responsible for all fees and all or a portion of the tuition if they drop outside of the stated deadlines, as this would be considered a withdrawal.
    2. Withdrawal
      1. Students who withdraw after the drop period and before the end of the withdrawal period will be responsible for all fees and all or a portion of the tuition as set forth in the Tuition Refund Schedule.
      2. Students who withdraw from class and use military tuition assistance to pay for their classes may be responsible for a portion of the tuition depending upon what percentage of the course has been completed.
      3. For information regarding the return of tuition assistance, please refer to the Return of Tuition Assistance section of the Refunds webpage.
  4. Exceptions
    1. A student may find it necessary to request an exception to the drop or withdrawal refund deadlines noted above when special circumstances prevent a drop or withdrawal by the published deadlines. To request an exception, see Exceptions to Course Drop and Withdrawal and Refund Policies.