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Policy 210.18

Undergraduate Transfer Credit Evaluation and Appeal Process

Owner:  Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer

  1. Undergraduate Transfer Credit

    1. UMGC conforms with the Board of Regents Policies III-4.00 Policy on Undergraduate Admissions, revised December 4, 2009; III-7.20 University Of Maryland System Policy On Undergraduate General Education Transferability Between USM Institutions, approved on June 10, 1994; III-1.40 Policy On Credit By Examination And Portfolio Assessment, approved on February 22, 1990; and COMAR 13B.06.01.09.

    2. UMGC may accept up to 90 semester hours of transfer credit from an approved four-year college or university. A maximum of 70 semester hours may be transferred from approved two-year community colleges. UMGC may also accept transfer credits from military and other non-traditional sources.

    3. Information regarding acceptable sources of credit, the criteria for transfer credits, and official evaluation requests are available in the catalog, on the UMGC website, or through the Office of Advising.

    4. Undergraduate students at UMGC-Adelphi, UMGC-Europe, and UMGC-Asia must be currently enrolled, have successfully completed at least 6 semester hours of credit with UMGC, and have earned a minimum 2.00 GPA for all UMGC coursework to receive an official evaluation. Maryland public community college students, however, are exempt from this rule if they are enrolled in their final semester or have earned an Associate's degree. No transfer credit will be awarded without official transcripts.

  2. Transfer Credit Evaluation Appeal

    1. Students who wish to appeal the evaluation of transfer credit must write a letter within 20 working days (4 weeks) of receiving the evaluation. The letter must include:

      1. The name(s) of the previous institution(s) attended, the name and number of each course for which the student was denied transfer credit, and the date(s) of enrollment in each course.

      2. A copy of the catalog description (from the appropriate year) for each course in question.

      3. A copy of the syllabus or course outline (from the appropriate year) for each course in question. This information can be obtained from the sending institution.

      4. A statement indicating why the credit(s) should be accepted.

    2. The appeal must be sent to the

    3. The appropriate UMGC office will respond in writing within 10 working days (2 weeks) of receiving the appeal.

Original Policy Approval Date5/28/14
Substantive Revision Dates4/29/16
Technical Amendment Dates4/17/20