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Policy 051.00

Religious Observances

Policy CategoryPolicy OwnerVersion Effective DateReview CyclePolicy Contact
Academic Affairs
SVP & CAOJan. 1, 2023Every 2
  1. UMGC conforms to the Board of Regents Policy III-5.10 Concerning the Scheduling of Academic Assignments on Dates of Religious Observance, approved on January 11, 1990.
  2. So that the academic programs and services of UMGC shall be available to all qualified students who have been admitted to its programs, regardless of their religious beliefs, students shall not be penalized because of observances of their religious holidays.
    1. Students shall be given an opportunity, whenever feasible, to make up within a reasonable time any academic assignment or examination that is missed due to individual participation in religious observances.
    2. Students should make any religious accommodation requests to the instructor of the course. Students are asked to examine the course syllabus for potential conflicts at the start of the course and promptly notify the instructor of any anticipated accommodation needs, providing as much notice as possible.
  3. Instructors who need advice or assistance regarding student accommodations for religious observances, or students who have questions or concerns about accommodations, may contact the Fair Practices Officer at