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Policy 153.00

Individualized Learning Courses

Owner: Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer

  1. Introduction

    1. A limited number of UMGC offerings are available in the individualized learning course (ILC) format. ILCs are structured courses of study in which a student is expected to independently complete and submit course assignments on a mandated schedule.

    2. ILC course materials include a structured syllabus and course study modules on a CD-ROM, textbooks, and/or other resources. ILCs require that the student have access to a computer with CD-ROM capabilities.

    3. All ILCs are 15 weeks long, have definite start/end dates, and require a proctored final examination.

    4. ILC students are assigned a "course manager" who responds to questions, sends reminders of deadlines, grades assignments, and provides and grades the final course examination.

    5. Only students eligible to take classes under UMGC's Tri-Services Contract in Europe can enroll in ILC format courses. UMGC students who are under the Tri-Services Contract in Europe can take the same courses in face-to-face and online formats.

    6. ILC courses are only for students in exceptional circumstances who are unable to attend face-to-face classes or for whom other course options are not available.

    7. Students must satisfy any course prerequisites prior to applying for an ILC.

    8. Students may apply no more than 3 s.h. of credit earned through courses in the ILC format toward a UMGC certificate, 6 s.h. toward an associate degree, and 12 s.h. toward a bachelor's degree. Credit earned through courses in the ILC format may not be applied toward a UMGC graduate or post-graduate program.

  2. Enrollment Procedures

    1. Students are advised to speak with a counselor about ILCs prior to registration.

    2. Eligible students may enroll for an ILC at their local education center.

    3. Student requests for an ILC will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and approved if determined appropriate.

    4. Once a request is approved, course materials will be sent to the education center by the UMGC-Europe Distance Education Office.

    5. The start date for the course will be based upon the date that the student renders payment for tuition and the course materials.

Original Policy Approval Date11/21/03
Substantive Revision Dates 
Technical Amendment Dates4/17/20