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Explore the mental health and wellness resources available to all UMGC students.

You pursued higher education because you wanted to find your next success. At University of Maryland Global Campus, we understand that balancing your coursework, professional commitments, and personal life can be challenging. As a working adult or servicemember, you know what it takes to succeed—and you also know that sometimes, your obligations can start to feel like obstacles.

Sometimes, you need help. You need a support system, a caring voice who’s trained to listen, or community resources that can make you feel less alone. We understand, and we’re here to assist you. That's why we've curated a comprehensive list of mental health and wellness resources that are available for any UMGC student who might need them.

Need Assistance? Contact the UMGC Wellness Line

If you are a UMGC student and need help determining which wellness resources are right for you—or if you have an urgent need for assistance—call the UMGC wellness line at 888-371-9355. Please call 911 in case of a life-threatening emergency. 


Togetherall: Peer-to-Peer Mental Health & Wellness Support

Togetherall LogoWhen you’re facing a particular challenge or mental health difficulty, it can help to talk about your feelings and get assistance from others who are facing something similar. Togetherall is an anonymous, no-cost, 24/7 online peer-to-peer support service available to all UMGC students. When you create an account on Togetherall, you’ll gain access to a safe space where you can vent your feelings, explore your mental health challenges, and connect with like-minded students who understand what you’re going through and can offer support—anonymously, without judgment, and at any time.

Want to find out more information about a specific mental health topic? Togetherall also offers specific courses that cover common mental health and wellness issues. These courses are designed to educate you about a specific topic while also teaching you effective coping strategies.

Togetherall is monitored by trained and licensed clinicians who are ready to step in if someone experiences a more severe mental health crisis.

Register for Togetherall today by entering your UMGC email address. After you verify your UMGC email, you can create your own login name so that you can ask questions and post anonymously. Log in, reach out, and start your journey towards better mental health. 


Community Resources & UMGC Programs

Search for UMGC programs and community resources that may be able to help you obtain tuition waivers, disaster assistance, rental assistance, and more.

Additional Resources Available

Active Minds at UMGC

Active Minds at UMGC aims is to increase the awareness of mental health and reduce the stigma of mental illness within the UMGC community.

LGBTQ+ Student Association

The LGBTQ+ Student Association serves to foster an environment where LGBTQ+ students, alumni, faculty, staff, and allies come together in the spirit of activism, allyship, community, education and professional development.