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Online Guide to Writing and Research

Collaborative Writing and Peer Reviewing

Collaborative Writing

Issues to Resolve

When working with others, the entire group needs to avoid any preventable complications. Before getting started, collaborative writing groups should discuss and resolve some of the following issues:

  • when and where to meet as a group or how to meet when the participants are in a distance education course
  • how to send materials between participants in the most efficient way
  • who communicates with the instructor, and how that will occur
  • what roles the group members will assume
  • what the group expects to get as a grade and the ways in which each member will evaluate the others
  • what style guide will be followed
  • what to do if someone has to drop out or falls behind
  • how differences of opinion will be resolved
  • how the writing will be merged into a single project
  • what word processing and graphics software will be used

While it might be easier for the group members who have stronger writing skills to carry the “weaker” members, this is not an effective tactic. These university-level group collaborations want to highlight the skills of each group member as equally as possible. 

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