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Online Guide to Writing and Research

The Writing Process


Creating a Revision Strategy

In addition to utilizing a personal revision checklist, you may want to create a revision strategy based on the amount of time you have to revise. Because revising is an important part of the writing process, allowing yourself enough time and planning a timeline of revision events that line up with due dates is an effective approach.

Time Management Tips

  • Focus on a Timetable-Allow at least two weeks for revisions. This gives the person giving you feedback time, plus allows you time when you are implementing the feedback. 

  • Compartmentalize-Divide your revisions into higher order and lower order concerns. Focus on one at a time. Keep in mind you will have several passes in one paper. 

  • Utilize Time Management Tools-Use your calendar to plan out the timeline so that all revisions are completed before the due date.

  • Multitask- If you are waiting to receive comments from peer reviewers, writing center advisers, friends, or family, that doesn’t mean you can’t begin self-review at the same time or use grammar checking tools to begin locating areas needing revision. 


Key Takeaways

  • Planning ahead avoids anxiousness later on.
  • Taking the time to plan out your time leads to a healthy writing routine you can rely on consistently.

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