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One-on-One Subject Tutoring Services

University of Maryland Global Campus offers one-on-one subject tutoring at no cost via for select undergraduate and graduate courses (listed below, under each subject). Each student has ten hours of no-cost tutoring each month on the platform, which is accessed through your course classroom.

Working One-on-One with a Professional Tutor and a Peer Tutor

Subject tutors can help define and explain concepts, clarify examples from course content, and guide students toward understanding a particular topic. They cannot answer specific questions related to any homework, quiz, exam, or major project. These questions should be directed to the professor, who is the course’s primary contact.

  • Professional tutors are experts in the subjects that they support and can provide examples and explanations beyond the course content. They are available for on-demand and scheduled sessions.
  • Peer tutors are knowledgeable about the subjects that they support and can draw from their own learning experience in a course to assist you. They are available only for scheduled sessions for a select group of courses.

How to Access One-on-One Tutoring at No Cost

To request a one-on-one tutoring session:

  • Go to the "Academic Support" or "Resources" tab at the top of your course page.
  • Click on "Tutoring" to access UMGC's specialized platform. 
  • Once in the platform, select "Connect Now" to connect with a tutor at the moment (available 24/7) or "Schedule a Session" to schedule a time and day with a specific tutor.
  • Note: All UMGC courses have writing, reading comprehension, statistics, and technology (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) tutoring available. Other subjects are available for select undergraduate and graduate courses (listed below, under each subject).

Courses with Specific Subject Tutoring in

By clicking each subject below, you will see the list of courses that have one-on-one subject tutoring available in the platform, which you can access from your course classroom.

Questions? You Can Contact Us

Please contact our Subject Tutoring Services by email at if you have questions about subject matter tutoring for select courses. You may submit questions regarding writing support to


Additional Support

UMGC offered tutoring. I would sign up for the tutoring in the evenings and on the weekends, and for additional help and it helped tremendously. I ended up graduating with straight A's.

Akia M., Alexandria, VA Master of Business Administration (MBA)