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Group Tutoring Sessions

University of Maryland Global Campus offers group tutoring sessions via Zoom for select subjects and courses (listed below, under each subject). These group sessions are not limited to the ten-hour monthly tutoring time for one-on-one subject tutoring.

By joining a group tutoring session, you'll benefit from the diverse perspectives and insights of your peers as you all seek to achieve your academic goals. While gaining knowledge and skills about the specific course and subject, you can develop your teamwork and communication skills while also encountering the different learning styles of your peers.

How to Register for Group Tutoring

To register for a group session:

  • Scroll down and click on the subject that you are interested in under “Group Tutoring Sessions by Subject” to open the available group sessions announcement. 
  • Click on the "Registration" link in the announcement to register.

Group Tutoring Sessions by Subject

See our current list of group tutoring sessions available below.

Questions? You Can Contact Us

Please contact our Subject Tutoring Services by email at if you have questions about subject matter tutoring for select courses. You may submit questions regarding writing support to


Additional Support

UMGC offered tutoring. I would sign up for the tutoring in the evenings and on the weekends, and for additional help and it helped tremendously. I ended up graduating with straight A's.

Akia M., Alexandria, VA Master of Business Administration (MBA)