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Graduation To-Do Checklist

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Find the tasks required for graduation from University of Maryland Global Campus.

Use this to-do list to ensure that you complete all the tasks required for graduation.

Step One: Contact Your Advisor

The term before you plan to graduate, contact your academic advisor to discuss the completion of your degree requirements, or you can refer to your academic advisement report.

Step Two: Apply for Graduation

Included below are the steps to follow to apply for graduation. There is a nonrefundable $50 fee when you apply for graduation. Remember, you must apply for graduation to have your degree conferred. Applying for graduation is separate from your decision to attend the commencement ceremony within your division (Stateside, Asia, Europe). More information about commencement can be found in step six of this page.

To apply for graduation, please log in to MyUMGC and visit Graduation. You can make payment through MyUMGC after you submit the application.


For students in all undergraduate programs and graduate programs that do not require CBR, DCL, or PRO 600:

  • December (Fall term) graduation: October 15

  • May (Spring term) graduation: February 15

  • August (Summer term) graduation: June 15

For students in graduate programs that require DBA, CBR, DCL, or PRO 600:

  • December (Fall term) graduation: October 15

  • March (Winter term) graduation: February 15

  • June (Spring term) graduation: April 1

  • September (Summer term) graduation: July 15

Step Three: Pay the Application Fee

After you have applied, you must pay the application fee of $50 per degree program within 10 days. Please note that every program (each certificate and degree) requires a separate application and fee.

Step Four: Confirm Your Graduation Status

The Graduation Services Team will evaluate your academic record for graduation. If you're a candidate for graduation (with the exception of doctoral students), you will receive a notification via email whenever updates have been made to your application.

You can review and track your graduation application status through the Graduation page in MyUMGC. Please make sure your permanent address is correct in your profile in MyUMGC. All information regarding graduation will be mailed to this address.

If you have questions regarding your current graduation application status or projected conferral date, please contact our office by e-mail. Please include your full name and student ID with your e-mail request. If you do not have your student ID, please provide your date of birth.

Step Five: Receive Your Degree

After you are approved for graduation, your degree will be conferred (i.e., program completion will be indicated in your records, including your official transcript) at the end of that term, and a diploma/certificate will be mailed to you two to three weeks after the conferral date. Please remember that participation in the annual commencement ceremony does not constitute official graduation from UMGC; your degree must be conferred before you are considered a graduate of UMGC.

Conferral Dates

For students in all undergraduate programs and graduate programs that do not require CBR, DCL, or PRO 600:

  • Fall Term graduation: December 30 (deadline to apply: October 15)

  • Spring Term graduation: May 30 (deadline to apply: February 15)

  • Summer Term graduation: August 30 (deadline to apply: June 15)

For students in graduate programs that require DBA, CBR, DCL, or PRO 600:

  • Fall Term graduation: December 30 (deadline to apply: October 15)

  • Winter Term graduation: March 30 (deadline to apply: February 15)

  • Spring Term graduation: June 30 (deadline to apply: April 1)

  • Summer Term graduation: September 30 (deadline to apply: July 15)

Step Six: Participate in Commencement

Congratulations on your accomplishment! Commencement is held annually in May and December in Adelphi, Maryland. If you are graduating in spring, summer, fall or winter, you will be invited to participate in the ceremony associated with your term of completion. Please note that you must have applied for graduation to participate in the ceremony, which is for associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree candidates. Refer to the commencement timeline and commencement website for further details about participating. If you still have questions, contact Commencement Services.

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