Official withdrawal from a class must occur before 65 percent of the total number of days in a session has expired. Visit the undergraduate calendar page or the graduate calendar page for additional information regarding specific drop and withdrawal dates. Students cannot withdraw after the stated deadlines; after the 65-percent point in the course, students who have not withdrawn will receive the grade earned for that course.

Students receiving financial aid should contact the Financial Aid office before dropping or withdrawing to fully understand the impact on their current and future aid. You can drop or withdraw from a course through your Class Schedule in MyUMGC.

Students who officially drop from a course within the stated drop period will not have the course posted on unofficial or official transcripts. Dropped courses do not count as attempted credit. Please note that when you drop a course will affect the amount of your refund. After the drop period has ended, students may officially withdraw from a course up to the 65-percent point of the session. The academic consequences from this action include receiving the grade of "W" for the course, which will appear on unofficial and official transcripts. A grade of "W" will not impact your GPA and does not count as completed credit toward your degree.

Students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing themselves. Failure to drop or withdraw in the required manner may have adverse impacts on financial aid and/or the academic grade for the course(s).

Stopping payment on checks for registration fees or not paying at registration does not constitute a drop or withdrawal nor relieve you of your financial obligation to UMGC. Never attending or ceasing to attend classes does not constitute a drop or withdrawal.

If you have any additional questions concerning withdrawing or dropping a course(s), please view the Course Drop and Withdrawal Policy in the Administration section.

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