Not sure where to get help with an issue you haven’t been able to resolve? University of Maryland Global Campus has several resources available to you. We are committed to the effective, efficient, and prompt resolution of complaints of any nature.

Student Grievances

The Student Grievance Procedures policy outlines the process for students who want to seek redress on issues with UMGC faculty or staff members, or UMGC academic departments or administrative units. There are specific policies on grading, grade of incomplete, code of student conduct, and academic dishonesty and plagiarism, among others. If you have an academic-related grievance, please first try to resolve it with the faculty. If you need to discuss it further, contact the program chair.

Undergraduate Program Contacts

Program Contact Information

First Term Courses
Career Planning Management (CAPL 398A and 495)
Library Skills and Information Literacy (LIBS)
Professional Exploration (PACE)

Arts and Humanities Programs
Art and Graphic Communication (ARTH, ARTT, GRCO, MUSC)
Communications, Journalism, and Speech (COMM, JOUR, MSC, PRPA, SPCH)
English (ENGL, THET)
History (AASP, HIST)
Humanities and Philosophy (HUMN, PHIL)
World Languages and Cultural Studies (All languages and ASTD)
Writing Across the Curriculum (WRTG)

Education and Public Service Programs
Criminal Justice (CCJS)
Homeland Security, Intelligence, and Emergency Management (EMGT, HMLS)
Public Safety Administration (PSAD, FSCN)
Legal Studies (LGST, BMGT 380, 381)

Science Programs
Behavioral Science and Gerontology (BEHS, GERO)
Biological Sciences (BIOL)
Biotechnology (BIOL 350, 357, 495)
Environmental Science and Management (ENMT)
Mathematics and Statistics (MATH, STAT)
Natural Sciences (ASTR, CHEM, GEOL, NSCI, NUTR)
Nursing (NURS)
Political Science (GVPT)
Psychology (PSYC)
Social Sciences (ANTH, SOCY, WMST)

Business Administration: Undergraduate
(BMGT 110, 364, 365, 398, 486A, 486B, 495, 496)

Accounting and Finance Programs
Accounting (ACCT)
Finance (ECON, FINC)

Business Management Programs
Contract Management and Acquisition
Management Studies (BMGT 302, 304, 305, 317, 330, 335, 339, 372, 375, 392, 411, 456, 464, 465, 466, 482, 484, 485, 487, 488)
Health Services Management (HMGT)
Human Resources Management (HRMN)
Marketing (MRKT)

Cybersecurity Programs
Software Development and Security (SDEV)
Computer Networks and Cybersecurity (CMIT)
Cybersecurity Management and Policy (CSIA)

Information Technology Programs
Computer Science (CMSC, CMIS)
Digital Media and Web Technology (CMST)
Information Systems Management (IFSM)

Graduate and Doctoral Program Contacts

Program Contact Information

First Term Courses
Academic Success Courses (ASC)
University and Special Topics (UCSP)
CBR 600, DCL 600, PRO 600

Education and Public Service Programs
Doctor of Management in Community College Policy and Administration (DMCC)
Criminal Justice and Investigative Forensics (CJMS)
Education (EDTP)
Educational Technology (OMDE, LDT, EDTC, DEPM, DETC, DETT)
Homeland Security, Intelligence, and Emergency Management (EMAN, HSMN, INMS)

Science Programs
Biotechnology (BIFS, BIOT, BSBD, BTMN, BTRA)
Environmental Science and Management (ENVM)

Business Administration: Graduate and Doctoral Programs
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Doctor of Business Administration (DMBA, DBA)

Accounting and Finance Programs
Accounting and Financial Management (ACCT, ECON, FIN, MSAF)
Accounting and Information Systems (ACCT, MSFS)
Accounting (ACCT)
Financial Management (FIN)

Business Management Programs
Acquisition and Supply Chain Management (ASCM)
Data Analytics (DATA)
Health Care Administration (GHMT, HCAD)
Health Informatics Administration (HIMS)
Human Resources (HRMD)
Management (MGMT)
Marketing (MRKT)
Non-Profit and Association Management (NPMN)
Project Management (PMAN)
Transformational Leadership (TLP)

Cybersecurity Programs
Cloud Computing Architecture (CCA)
Telecommunications Management (TLMN)
Cyber Operations (COP)
Cybersecurity Technology (CST)
Cybersecurity Management and Policy (CMP)
Information Assurance (INFA)
Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation (DFC)

Information Technology Programs
Software Engineering (SWEN)
Database Systems Technology (DBST)
Information Systems and Services (ISAS)
Information Technology (ITEC)
Systems Engineering (SYSE)

Filing Complaints with External Entities

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your student grievance, you may submit your complaint to an external entity.

Additional Resources and Assistance

Learn about Americans with Disabilities Act compliance at UMGC.

Learn about the ombudsman and how to request confidential support to resolve a problem at UMGC.

Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)

Learn about sexual misconduct in the Administration section.

Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity

Learn about UMGC's affirmative action, equal opportunity, and sexual harrassment policies and how they are administered by visiting Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Unit in the Administration section.