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Get Started with Accessibility Services

Learn how to request accessibility accommodations.

At University of Maryland Global Campus, there are clear procedures for initiating an accessibility accommodations request.


All students must meet minimum entrance criteria for any academic program at UMGC. The application for admission will not ask you to disclose any medical conditions. Your eligibility for services and/or accommodations from Accessibility Services is a separate process and is independent from the Office of Admissions Services.


Students are responsible for self-identifying with Accessibility Services to inform the university about medical conditions and request academic accommodations. Medical documentation will only be requested upon receipt of an accommodation request.

It is in your best interest to contact Accessibility Services early to submit the Student Intake Form and documentation. After you submit the Student Intake Form and documentation, Accessibility Services will send an email notification acknowledging receipt of your materials.

Requesting Accommodations

Complete these five steps to receive accommodations:


Submit the student intake form and documentation: After being admitted to UMGC, you should complete the student intake form digitally. To request reasonable accommodations, you must provide appropriate medical or educational documentation. UMGC will not pay medical providers or reimburse you for services rendered to meet the documentation requirements. You are encouraged to submit your intake form and documentation as early as possible; some accommodations require significant planning in advance of the semester.


Schedule intake discussion: After your Student Intake Form and documentation are reviewed, an Accessibility Services staff member will contact you to schedule a virtual intake discussion. The intake will cover your eligibility to receive services, your individual needs, resources, policies, procedures, and responsibilities. A tentative agreement will be reached during the meeting.


Receive the accommodation notification letter: After the intake discussion, Accessibility Services will send you a draft accommodation notification letter with the tentative agreement on accommodations. You must provide written approval before your accommodation plan can be finalized.


Contact accessibility services each semester: You must request renewal of your accommodation notification letter every semester you are registered for classes. To allow for adequate time to coordinate services, it is recommended that you make this request before the beginning of each semester.


Communicate with faculty members: It is crucial that you keep faculty members informed when asking for an accommodation. You should meet with each of them to discuss how you intend to utilize your accommodation in the classroom for each semester you are a registered student.

Providing Documentation

Disability & Impairment Information

Contact Accessibility Services

Contact us to get more information or ask any additional questions about our services at U.S. locations.

Contact UMGC Asia Student Services or UMGC Europe Student Services to learn more about accessibility services at our overseas divisions.