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UMGC Effective Writing Center Writing Your Letter of Transmittal

In general, a letter of transmittal is a brief, one-page business letter that identifies the research project; it usually sits on top of the entire report, before the table of contents.

Letters of transmittals are short and to the point. It's fine to begin, "Enclosed is the research report which you authorized me to conduct on possible changes to our paid-leave policy."  The transmittal letter is primarily a reminder and notification. It does not need to be as detailed or inclusive as executive summary, and it should not repeat information found anywhere else in the report package.

As you draft your letter of transmittal, adhere to these guidelines:

  • Follow proper business letter
  • Maintain a professional tone
  • Clarify the purpose of the letter (to notify the recipient that the report is enclosed)
  • Offer any specific details necessary for the reader to understand why the report was written
  • End with a "good will" sentence that thanks the decision-maker for the opportunity to conduct the research and offers to follow up with a meeting or answer any questions that arise as the decision maker reviews the report. 

Format the body of your letter according to the style of letter you choose:

  • Block paragraphs--all lines of each paragraph are flush left; there is one blank space between paragraphs
  • Modified block paragraphs--first line of each paragraph is indented a full half inch; there is an extra blank line between paragraphs.
  • Indented paragraphs--first line of each paragraph is indented a full half inch; there is no extra blank line between paragraphs.

In general, a transmittal letter without letterhead should look like this:

Today’s Date

Receiver’s Name, Job Title
Receiver’s Department Name (if relevant)
City, State, Zip


Dear Mr./Ms./Dr./Vice President Smith:

Begin the first paragraph with a phrase such as "Enclosed please find the report . . . . " Paragraphs should be short. Save discussion for the report.

The second (and last) paragraph of the transmittal letter expresses appreciation ("Thank you for the opportunity to . . . ") and offers to be available to answer questions, to meet, and so on.

Sincerely yours, (standard complimentary closing in non-military sector)

(space for signature; you can use a script font that mimics handwriting)

Your name
Contact information

  • The current day’s date (the day you send the letter) should be above the recipient’s name. If letterhead is used, the date appears directly below the letterhead. and before the recipient's name.
  • Address your letter to a specific person or persons. Next, make sure that your greeting is on its own separate line before the body of the letter and uses a colon rather than a comma.
  • Keep paragraphs short. There is no need for discussion.

Business Letters

When sitting down to complete a business letter assignment in school, students know intuitively that they are engaging in a type of writing that is much different from the typical school assignment.

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