An academic transcript is an official, comprehensive, and confidential record of a student's coursework and grades. If you need a transcript or an enrollment verification from University of Maryland Global Campus, follow the instructions below.

Please note: If you have an outstanding balance or any other hold on your account preventing the release of your records, you will be unable to place an order requesting transcripts or receive verification of enrollment.

Request Official Transcripts

Current Students

Alumni/Former Students

Request Unofficial Transcript

If you have access to MyUMGC, you can view or print your unofficial transcript there.

Enrollment Verification

Current students can request enrollment verification through MyUMGC. If your enrollment verification is not available through MyUMGC, e-mail If you have an account hold preventing the release of records, you can't receive an enrollment verification.

Investigator Requests

Investigators conducting the background investigations must submit the investigator request form accompanied by a signed release from the student. Forms can be mailed or faxed to the number on the form. Provide an e-mail address if you would like to be notified when the request is completed.