At University of Maryland Global Campus, you can earn a bachelor's degree and be ready to climb up the ranks in the military and in your post-military or civilian career, no matter where you and your family are stationed or deployed.

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With our Program Comparison Tool, you can evaluate as many as three degrees, specializations, and certificates side by side. Explore program descriptions, cost, transfer credit, program formats, course content, and more. Found your program? Use our Time and Tuition Estimator to get your estimated tuition, fees, and graduation date.

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Programs are available in a wide range of fields, including business and management, cybersecurity, data analytics, education and teaching, healthcare and science, information technology and computer science, liberal arts and communication, and public safety.

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Did you know you may be able to receive credit for your military experience? Our Prior Learning program gives you several ways to earn credit for what you already know, so you can earn your degree faster.