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Online Bachelor’s Degree Computer Science

Computer Science
Bachelor of Science
  • 120 credits
  • Transfer up to 90 credits
  • All courses available online
  • Select hybrid courses available
  • $324 per credit (in-state)
  • $499 per credit (out-of-state)
  • $250 per credit (military)
  • Other fees may apply
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Find success in a growing industry by earning an online bachelor's degree in computer science at University of Maryland Global Campus. Learn from experienced faculty members who are industry experts in the field. Build essential skills that can transfer over to a number of industries. And take charge of your learning experience by utilizing our convenient online courses and no-cost electronic resources. You can also save time and money with a variety of scholarship opportunities and our generous transfer credit policy. Get started today!

Build Essential Skills with a Computer Science Degree

Designed with input from leading industry experts, our bachelor’s degree in computer science may help prepare you for a rewarding and stable career in almost any modern organization. You’ll take introductory, intermediate, and advanced computer programming courses and familiarize yourself with computer systems and architecture, software engineering principles, mathematics, computer algorithms, data analysis, and database administration. This program may also help familiarize you with emerging developments in software and artificial intelligence. The skills you’ll learn in this program are universal and may help prepare you for success and longevity in your professional career.

Here are a few of the benefits of our computer science program:

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These requirements are for students who enroll in the 2024–2025 academic year. For prior year requirements, visit our catalog archive.

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

In addition to the specific course requirements outlined on each bachelor’s degree webpage, UMGC maintains certain requirements for all bachelor’s degrees.

Gain Relevant Experience for an In-Demand, High-Tech Career

In the 21st century, most corporations and government organizations rely on computers to process their data, organize their workplaces, and conduct their business. An online degree in computer science will signal to employers that you have crucial skills in critical thinking, software engineering, structured programming, operating systems, and algorithmic analysis.

Our program directors refresh and update the curriculum regularly, with a focus on helping students achieve these learning goals:

Advance Your Tech Career

This degree program is designed to help you prepare for computer science careers in many industries, including data processing, healthcare, information security, finance, and more. Potential job titles include computer scientist, software engineer, database administrator, and computer systems architect.

UMGC courses are taught by experienced faculty and address skills and competencies that are highly valued by today’s employers.

Tyrone A., Martinsburg, WV

Job Growth
Job openings for software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers are projected to grow 25 percent from 2022 to 2032.
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics | “Occupational Outlook Handbook” | 2023
No. 1
Best Tech Job
Software developer is listed as the top technology job of 2023 in U.S. News & World Report's Best Technology Jobs listing.
Source: U.S. News & World Report | “Best Technology Jobs” | 2023

Practice Real-World Skills in Your Computer Science Courses

Throughout the degree program, your instructors will assign hands-on coursework that will help you prioritize real-world skills and career-focused experience. In past courses, students have been able to complete the following projects:

  • Write a short research paper describing how concepts such as RISC, pipelining, cache memory, and virtual memory have evolved over the past 25 years to improve system performance.
  • Design a relational database to satisfy specific business rules and requirements. Submit an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) and the associated detailed documentation describing the database design and structure. 
  • Benchmark the behavior of the Java implementations of different sorting algorithms, e.g., Quick Sort, Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Heap Sort, Radix Sort, Bucket Sort, Selection Sort, Merge Sort, Shell Sort, Bucket Sort.

Explore UMGC Computer Science Insights

Gain insight from our faculty and delve deeper into a range of topics.



Get answers to questions that current and prospective students are asking about program admission, credibility, student organizations, and more.

I would say learning at UMGC is a partnership, but it goes beyond that. They understand what we have to do, and how we have to try to accommodate both being a lifelong learner and military student.

Britney B., North Augusta, SC BS in Computer Science


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