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Online Bachelor's Degree: Social Science

Social Science
Bachelor of Science
  • 120 credits
  • Transfer up to 90 credits
  • All courses available online
  • Select hybrid courses available
  • $324 per credit (in-state)
  • $499 per credit (out-of-state)
  • $250 per credit (military)
  • Other fees may apply
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Enhance your understanding of culture and society while contributing to community development with an online bachelor's degree in social science from University of Maryland Global Campus. Connect with a diverse network of peers and distinguished faculty members as you prepare to make a meaningful impact in a range of professions. With convenient online courses, multiple start dates, access to lifetime career services, and a generous transfer credit policy, UMGC provides the flexibility and support you need. Start your journey today.

Build Knowledge in Societal Dynamics & Human Behavior 

This interdisciplinary 120-credit bachelor’s degree program features topics ranging from the core principles of social science to an introduction to cultural anthropology. Throughout the curriculum, you will explore societal structures; individual and group behavior; social policy and change; as well as global perspectives. You will also learn about topics such as diversity awareness, social research methods, multicultural studies, and ethical considerations in social science research. This online degree is designed for those seeking to drive positive change in a variety of settings. 

Here are a few benefits of this online program:  

  • Our curriculum is designed to give you diverse perspectives from anthropology, behavioral sciences, gerontology, psychology, sociology, and more. 
  • You can take advantage of UMGC's accelerated pathway benefit, reducing the total credits needed for a master's degree in teaching. 
  • Additional networking opportunities and resources are available through student organizations such as UMGC’s Behavioral and Social Science Student Association, Pi Gamma Mu, and Sigma Phi Omega. 
  • You will wrap up your coursework with a capstone that integrates perspectives from various disciplines in the field. 

See Courses & Program Info

View a complete list of program courses; major-related and elective requirements; credit opportunities; and more.

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These requirements are for students who enroll in the 2024–2025 academic year. For prior year requirements, visit our catalog archive.

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

In addition to the specific course requirements outlined on each bachelor’s degree webpage, UMGC maintains certain requirements for all bachelor’s degrees.

Develop Well-Rounded Skills in Social Science 

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, understanding social dynamics, human behavior, and cultural trends is vital in making a meaningful impact across a range of fields. This online social science degree is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate and influence this evolving environment. The program aims to help you build key competencies in areas like social research methods, cultural analysis, social policy development, global issues, conflict resolution, communication, critical thinking, and more. Program directors regularly review and update the curriculum with an emphasis on helping students achieve the following: 

Unlock Your Career Potential

This program is designed to prepare you to pursue careers as social researchers, policy analysts, community service managers, elder care workers, social workers, human resources specialists, teachers, or urban planners.

Please note: Pursing a Master of Arts in Teaching through our accelerated pathway may better prepare you for the teaching careers represented here.

Jiannela Z. (left), Rutherford, NJ

Hiring Consideration
More than 40 percent of employers would consider hiring college graduates who have exposure to global learning experiences or completed a portfolio of work highlighting their skills.
Source: Association of American Colleges & Universities and Hanover Research | “How College Contributes to Workforce Success” | 2021
Job Openings
About 118,800 openings for postsecondary teachers are projected each year, on average, over the next decade.
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics | “Occupational Outlook Handbook” | Last Reviewed: April 15, 2024
Job Growth
Employment of sociologists is projected to grow 5 percent from 2022 to 2032, faster than the average for all occupations.
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics | “Occupational Outlook Handbook” | Last Reviewed: April 15, 2024

Apply Real-World Skills in Your Courses 

Throughout the curriculum, your instructors will assign coursework that may help you prioritize real-world skills and hands-on experiences. In past courses, students have been able to complete the following projects: 

  • Construct a plan to address a workplace issue, including a sociological analysis of the issue, a discussion of its importance, your rationale for the solution, and a solution implementation strategy. 
  • Create a poster that presents an interdisciplinary examination of a social issue of concern in your community, including causes, stakeholders, and potential solutions. 
  • Develop a detailed presentation addressing the importance of engaging anthropological knowledge in problem-solving for a community health issue. 

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