The Maryland Cybersecurity Council was established July 1, 2015, through Senate Bill 542. Effective October 1, 2018, Senate Bill 281 revised the council's membership. Pursuant to SB 542, the council shall work with the National Institute of Standards and Technology and other federal agencies, private sector businesses, and private cybersecurity experts to improve cybersecurity in Maryland. The council shall submit a report of its activities beginning July 1, 2017, and every two years thereafter.

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Group of Maryland Cybersecurity Council Members

The council is staffed by University of Maryland Global Campus.

Council Members

Statutory Appointments (Principals or Their Designees)

Brian Frosh
Maryland Attorney General
Council Chair

Linda Lamone
Administrator of Elections
State Board of Elections

Michael Leahy
Secretary of Information Technology
Department of Information Technology

Col. William Pallozzi
Secretary of State Police
Department of State Police

Ken McCreedy, designee for Kelly M. Schulz
Maryland Department of Commerce

Major General (MG) Linda Singh
Adjutant General
Maryland Military Department

Walter F. "Pete" Landon
Governor's Office of Homeland Security

David Engel
Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center

Russell Strickland
Maryland Emergency Management Agency

Brian Corbett, designee for George M. Davis
Chief Executive Officer
Maryland Technology Development Corporation

Tami Howie, Esq, designee for Todd Marks
Chairman of the Board
Tech Council of Maryland

Steven Tiller, Esq, designee for Doreen E. Harwood
Fort Meade Alliance

Anthony Lisuzzo, designee for Tom Albro
Army Alliance

Appointments by the Maryland Attorney General (by Statutory Categories)

Cybersecurity Companies

John Abeles
President and CEO

James Foster

Zuly Gonzales
Co-Founder and CEO
Light Point Security

Rajan Natarajan
QualityPro, Inc.

Larry Letow

Statewide or Regional Business Associations

Don Fry
President and CEO
Greater Baltimore Committee

Joseph Morales, Esq.
Committee Member
Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Christine Ross
President and CEO
Maryland Chamber of Commerce

Stacey Smith
Executive Director
Cybersecurity Association of Maryland

Institutions of Maryland Higher Education

David Anyiwo, PhD
Professor and Chair, Department of Information Systems
Bowie State University

Anton Dahbura, PhD
Executive Director, Information Security Institute
Johns Hopkins University

Stewart Edelstein, PhD
Executive Director
Universities at Shady Grove

Patrick Feehan
Information Security and Privacy Director
Montgomery College

Michael Greenberger
Director, Center for Health and Homeland Security
University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law

Anupam Joshi, PhD
Director, Center for Security Studies
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Kevin Kornegay, PhD, designee for Dr. David Wilson
Morgan State University

Markus Rauschecker, Esq.
Cybersecurity Program Manager
Center for Health and Homeland Security
University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law

Crime Victims Group

Sue Rogan
Director of Financial Education
Maryland CASH Campaign

Susceptible Industries

Kristin Jones Bryce
Senior Vice President of External Affairs
University of Maryland Medical System

Joseph Haskins, Jr.
Chairman, President, and CEO
Harbor Bank

Pegeen Townsend
Vice President of Government Affairs
MedStar Health

Organizations with Expertise in Health Care Records

Clay House
Vice President of Architecture, Planning, and Security

Other Stakeholders

Robert W. Day
College Park, Maryland

Jayfus Doswell
Founder, President, and CEO
The Juxtopia Group

Cyril Draffin
Project Advisor
MIT Energy Initiative

Howard R. Feldman, Esq.
Whiteford Taylor Preston

Teri Jo Hayes
Cybersecurity Strategist

Fred Hoover, Esq.
Assistant People's Counsel
Maryland Office of People's Counsel

Brian Israel
Business Development Executive
Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants

Miheer Khona
President and CEO
Rising Sun Advisors

Mathew Lee
President and CEO

Belkis Leong-hong
Founder, President, and CEO
Knowledge Advantage

Blair Levin
Nonresident Senior Fellow
Metropolitan Policy Program
Brookings Institution

Jonathan Powell
Senior Director, Software Engineering

Jonathan Prutow
Information Assurance Policy SME
Invictus International Consulting

Paul Tiao, Esq.
Hunton and Williams

Federal Agencies Identified by Statute and Participating at the Invitation of the Maryland Attorney General

Judith Emmel
Associate Director for State, Local, and Community Relations
National Security Agency

Donna Dodson, Director
NIST National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Legislative Appointments by the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Delegates, or the Attorney General in consultation with the foregoing

Senator Katie Fry Hester
District 9
Carroll and Howard Counties

Senator Susan C. Lee
District 16
Montgomery County

Senator Bryan W. Simonaire
District 31
Anne Arundel County

Delegate Ned Carey
District 31A
Anne Arundel County

Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti
District 34A
Harford County

Meetings and Reports

Plenary Meetings of the Maryland Cybersecurity Council

Please note: To access the approved minutes for all meetings prior to June 13, 2018, please see posted meeting summaries.

October 17, 2019


May 22, 2019


January 17, 2019


October 16, 2018


June 13, 2018


January 25, 2018


October 25, 2017


June 1, 2017


March 17, 2017


October 18, 2016


May 18, 2016


February 4, 2016


November 10, 2015

Subcommittee Meetings of the Maryland Cybersecurity Council

Please note: To access the approved minutes for all meetings prior to June 11, 2018, please see posted meeting summaries.

October 10, 2019

Subcommittee on Education and Workforce Development


October 2, 2019

Subcommittee on Law, Policy and Legislation


September 24, 2019

Subcommittee on Economic Development


September 13, 2019

Subcommittee on Critical Infrastructure


March 27, 2019

Subcommittee on Public and Community Outreach


March 15, 2019

Critical Infrastructure Subcommittee


March 12, 2019

Economic Development Subcommittee


October 11, 2018

Subcommittee on Critical Infrastructure


October 3, 2018

Subcommittee on Law, Policy, and Legislation


September 6, 2018

Economic Development Subcommittee


June 11, 2018

Economic Development Subcommittee


June 5, 2018

Subcommittee on Law, Policy and Legislation


May 21, 2018

Subcommittee on Public Outreach and Public Affairs


December 14, 2017

Economic Development Subcommittee


October 20, 2017

Law, Policy, and Legislation Subcommittee


October 19, 2017

Public and Community Outreach Subcommittee


October 18, 2017

Critical Infrastructure Subcommittee


October 16, 2017

Education and Workforce Development Subcommittee


October 6, 2017

Economic Development Subcommittee


April 24, 2017

Law, Policy, and Legislation Subcommittee

Related Reports from the Office of the Maryland Attorney General

Maryland Commission on Cybersecurity Innovation and Excellence Archive

In July 2011, the Maryland Commission on Cybersecurity Innovation and Excellence was authorized. The commission was charged with conducting an overview of federal and state cyber security laws and policies. It considered Maryland's role in promoting cyber innovation and recommended strategies for cyber security innovation and excellence, including recovery from cyber attack.

The commission also recommended ways to attract private investment, and promote innovation through public and private partnerships, research and development, workforce training, and education. The commission submitted reports of interim findings and recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly by January 1, 2012, and final findings and recommendations by September 1, 2014. The commission ended on December 31, 2014.

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