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Limits on Sexual Misconduct Confidentiality

Learn about discussing sexual misconduct with the Confidential Employee.

To encourage the reporting of incidents involving sexual misconduct, UMGC has designated the ombudsperson to serve as its Confidential Employee. The Confidential Employee does not have an obligation to report to the Title IX Coordinator information pertaining to sexual misconduct that has been disclosed to him or her except under certain situations.

Victims may seek assistance and support from UMGC's Confidential Employee without triggering an investigation or disclosure of the victim's identity, with the exception of instances when the alleged perpetrator(s) poses a serious and immediate threat to the victim or larger UMGC community. The Confidential Employee will assist the victim, if requested, in receiving available and appropriate protective measures, and in doing so, will only disclose information identifying the victim to the extent necessary to obtain such measures.

Limitations on Confidentiality

While maintaining a victim's confidentiality, the Confidential Employee, or his or her office, may provide a limited report—which would not include information that could directly or indirectly identify the victim—to the Title IX Coordinator to help keep the Title IX Coordinator informed of the general extent and nature of sexual misconduct within the UMGC community.

The Confidential Employee may maintain a victim's confidentiality with respect to the university, but he or she may have reporting or other obligations under state law, including, but not limited to, response to a lawfully ordered subpoena.

Contact Confidential Employee


Phone: 800-888-8682, ext. 17910


Please note UMGC's Confidential Employee is designated to discuss incidents of sexual misconduct in confidence, unless there appears to be an imminent risk of serious harm or if maintaining that confidentiality would result in the violation of a legal requirement.

Contact Title IX Coordinator

Steven Alfred


Office: 800-888-8682, ext. 17930

Cell: 301-887-7295


UMGC Headquarters

3501 University Blvd, East

Office of Diversity and Equity , 2316

Adelphi, MD 20783

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Contact Overseas Title IX Investigator

Patricia Jameson

Director, Overseas Diversity and Equity Programs

E-mail (UMGC Europe):

E-mail (UMGC Asia):

CIV: +49 (0)631-53480368, ext. 42032

Contact Security


Phone: 240-684-2911


UMGC Headquarters

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