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Respondent Notice of Rights

University of Maryland Global Campus's Sexual Misconduct Policy is available online in full. All reports of sexual misconduct are taken seriously. Anyone who has been accused of sexual misconduct has certain rights outlined below.

The following information is to ensure that a Respondent is aware of their rights and responsibilities under UMGC Policy and Procedures pertaining to incidents of sexual misconduct as defined in UMGC Policy 041.00

Respondent Notice of Rights

I have been advised of my rights to:

  • be treated with dignity and respect by all University officials.
  • have information be shared with others only on a need-to-know basis in order to facilitate a resolution.
  • obtain Supportive Measures.
  • be presumed not responsible for any and all allegations.
  • request an Informal Resolution process, which must be agreed to by the Complainant and the Title IX Coordinator/designee.
  • the presence of a Support Person and/or Advisor of my choosing, who may accompany me to any meeting or proceeding but must first review/sign the Non-Party Participant Form.
  • receive reasonable disability accommodations (in accordance with University policy and procedures).
  • receive timely written notification of alleged Policy violations and the range of potential Sanctions.
  • receive timely written notification of the dates/times/locations of any meetings or proceedings I may attend.
  • receive regular updates of the status of the resolution processes.
  • be informed of the final determination resulting from the University investigation/adjudication resolution process, if applicable.
  • be notified of any applicable appeal rights and processes.
  • STUDENTS ONLY: The Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) has developed resources to assist current and former students in retaining an attorney to serve as an Advisor at no or low cost to the student. More information is available at their website –