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Rights for Students and Employees Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Read about your rights as a person accused of sexual misconduct at UMGC.

University of Maryland Global Campus's Sexual Misconduct Policy is available online in full. All reports of sexual misconduct are taken seriously. Anyone who has been accused of sexual misconduct has certain rights outlined below.

Notice of Rights and Resources for Respondents Accused of Sexual Misconduct

You have the right to a prompt and equitable investigation.

The preliminary measures, investigation, and adjudicatory process, not including the appeal, are expected to take place within 60 calendar days from the time the report is brought to UMGC's attention. As part of the investigation process, you will have the right to present evidence, documents, names of witnesses, and any other information to the investigator.

You have the right to seek counseling services.

UMGC's Confidential Employee is available to you. The Confidential Employee can provide support and direct you to counseling services.