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Art Exhibitions

Learn about upcoming, current, and previous art exhibitions featuring emerging and established artists.

Through its arts program, University of Maryland Global Campus provides a prestigious and wide-ranging forum for emerging and established artists.

Current Exhibitions

Divergent: Selected Works from the UMGC Collection

Exhibition Dates: May 12–July 21, 2023
Location: U.S. District Courthouse, Greenbelt, MD

Since 1996, the Art at the U.S. District Courthouse program has offered exhibitions in quilting, photography, sculpture, and painting, calling attention to the diverse interests and creative talents of artists and the importance of their contributions to society.


Social Angles and Interactions: The Photography of Andy Warhol, William J. Anderson, and A. Aubrey Bodine

Exhibition Dates: April 23–July 30, 2023

Andy Warhol, William J. Anderson, and A. Aubrey Bodine captured impressions of different societies of their times. Through their photographs, these three American artists offer viewers a feeling of personal contact with intellectuals, civil rights activists, Hollywood celebrities, and everyday people.


Joseph Sheppard: An African American Experience

Exhibition Dates: Ongoing

This exhibition of Joseph Sheppard's paintings, sculptures, and drawings documents many aspects of 20th-century African American life. Subjects include sports figures, including Baltimore legend Mack Lewis; the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.; and scenes of daily life of African Americans around the globe.

Arts Locations and Hours

Learn where and when to see UMGC's extensive art collection.

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