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Watch programs on healthcare, diversity, arts, and technology on UMGC-TV.

UMGC-TV is the educational television programming service of University of Maryland Global Campus for students, faculty, staff, and the general public via Channel 73 in Prince George's County.


Launched in 1989, UMGC-TV provides the local Maryland community with easy access to programs related to UMGC coursework and general audience programming.

UMGC-TV regularly airs programs on healthcare, aging, diversity, public policy, media criticism, new technologies, the arts, psychology, and small business. Our programming supports and enhances UMGC's courses in Literature, Writing, Computer Science, General Science, the Humanities, and Business Management programs.

The station also functions as an outlet for UMGC-produced public affairs and cultural programming. Locally produced programs include those on UMGC events and speakers. UMGC-TV also showcases artists represented in the Maryland Artist Collection, which resides at UMGC.