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Art Collections

Explore UMGC's Maryland, Asian, and International artists collections.


University of Maryland Global Campus hosts four impressive permanent art collections: the Maryland Artist Collection, the Doris Patz Collection of Maryland Artists, the Asian Collection, and the International Collection.


Some Holdings in the Maryland Artist Collection

An oil painting of a girl.
The Art of Gladys Goldstein
View this Baltimore artist's work, part of UMGC's Maryland Artist Collection.

An oil painting of a dusk setting.
The Art of Herman Maril
View the work of this Baltimore-born artist, part of UMGC's Maryland Artist Collection.

The Leroy Merritt Center for the Art of Joseph Sheppard
See renowned Maryland artist Joseph Sheppard's painting and sculpture and browse his classical art library.

Doris Patz Collection of Maryland Artists

An oil painting of Doris Patz.
The Doris Patz Collection
Discover this collection of established and emerging Maryland artists.

Asian Collection

A hanging scroll with painted crabs on it.
The Art of China
Discover scroll paintings, ceramics, and sculpture dating from the 16th to 20th centuries.

A painting of a woman.
The Japanese Art Collection
Explore Japanese prints by 35 artists, gifts from UMGC's faculty and friends.

International Collection

Drawing of a Panda in pink and yellow
International Collection
Learn about the International Collection, which includes works from artists outside Maryland.

Art Galleries and Hours

Learn where and when to see UMGC's extensive art collection.