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Asian Collection

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UMGC's Asian Collection, consisting of the Art of China Collection, the Japanese Art Collection, and the Balinese Art Collection, is one of the few collections of its kind in southern Maryland. This collection incorporates an outstanding portfolio of both traditional and contemporary Asian artwork and exemplifies UMGC's longstanding international presence.

In recognition of UMGC's excellent Asian Collection and the university's strong historical connection to Asia through its education programs for U.S. military servicemembers stationed in that part of the world, the Art of China Collection was established in 2000 with a gift of ancient Chinese paintings and artifacts from Maryland businessmen Thomas Li and I-Ling Chow. Iver Nelson, a Chicago businessman, expanded the collection with a donation of 15 works, including pieces from all the Chinese dynasties except the Xia dynasty. The Japanese Art Collection contains the largest assemblage of Yoshitoshi Mori's works in the United States, in addition to other Japanese prints.

Explore UMGC’s Asian Collection

The Art of China
Discover scroll paintings, ceramics, and sculpture dating from the 16th to 20th centuries.
The Balinese Art Collection
Find out more about the vibrant paintings in UMGC’s collection of traditional Balinese folk art.
The Japanese Art Collection
Discover the mastery of Japanese printmaking through the works in UMGC’s collection.

Art Galleries and Hours

Learn where and when to see UMGC's extensive art collection.