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Policy 270.05B

Google Services Guidelines for Students

Originator: Office of Information Technology

Subject: Google Services Guidelines for Students

  1. Introduction
    1. This document addresses UMGC's Google for Education (Apps) as well as other GAE services that are not covered under the Google UMGC agreement (GAE Services).
    2. Google provides its students access to UMGC and other GAE services to support the educational and administrative activities of the university, and to serve as a means of official communication by and between users and Google .
    3. This document was developed to ensure that these services are used for purposes appropriate to the university's educational mission.
    4. When possible, a user’s privacy will be respected in the handling and management of student accounts. That privacy is subject to applicable federal and state law and the needs of the University to meet its administrative, business, and legal obligations.
  2. UMGC Google for Education
    1. Apps services are services that fall under the GAE Google for Education agreement and do not require users to agree to Apps services include the following:
      1. Google's
      2. GAE Calendar
      3. GMail Groups
      4. Google Talk
      5. Google Docs
      6. Google Drive
      7. Google Sites
      8. Google Video
      9. Google Contacts
    2. The Google services are subject to change.
  3. Other Google Services
    1. Students accessing other GAE services should be aware that this functionality is not covered under the Google agreement.
    2. These services are subject to change as Google modifies its offerings under the GAE agreement.
    3. Anyone in the university community utilizing other Google services must be aware that user and content data may be collected and consolidated to be used by GAE as permitted under their current policies Google may collect the following data types:
      1. Personal information (name, e-mail address, telephone number and credit card numbers)
      2. Device information (hardware model, operating system, device identifiers, and mobile network information)
      3. Collect and store details of searches or queries made
      4. Telephone log information (calling party, forwarding numbers, duration of calls and types of calls)
      5. Cookies that uniquely identify your browser
      6. Collect and store information about your actual location
    4. Students with privacy concerns related to Google)(1)-(6). If assistance is needed, please contact the IT Help Desk.
    5. Additionally, over time, the university may enable or disable Google account access to specific non-Google's Services as it deems appropriate.
  4. Usage
    In order to use any c service as provided by UMGC , all participants must be aware of, agree to, and adhere to the following:

    1. When utilizing any GAE service with your Google account, you are bound by the UMGC Acceptable Use Policy.
    2. The university respects the expectation of privacy that students have regarding their use of services such as e-mail. As stated in the Google Acceptable Use Policy, use of university resources acknowledges that UMGC has the ability to retrieve, examine, and disclose their data to appropriate authorities.
    3. Students should adhere to the Policy on Computer Use—UMGC Acceptable Use Policy 270.00, and the UMGC Guidelines for Participation in Social Media in the use of their UMGC e-mail account and related services.
  5. Data Protection and Students E-mail Accounts
    Students who are working for the university in a capacity such as a student worker or work-study employee should conduct official university business with a staff e-mail account separate from their student e-mail account. Their use of the account will be governed by the Policy on Computer Use, the University’s E-mail Guidelines, and the UMGC Services Guidelines for Faculty and Staff.

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