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Eternal Paper Exhibition

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This exhibition brings together 20 artists who have collaborated to create hand-formed art in and on paper. Their approaches range from representation to abstraction and address political, ecological, and social issues. These artists honor past traditions while inventing new concepts of materiality. Guest curator Helen C. Frederick is a master printmaker and educator and the founder of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, a Maryland organization specializing in contemporary printmaking.

The UMGC Arts Program is proud to present this body of works, which opens a window onto the training, perspectives, and talents of these artists:

  • Maria Barbosa
  • Elsabé Johnson Dixon
  • Nicole Donnelly
  • Cheryl Edwards
  • Susan Firestone
  • Helen C. Frederick
  • Claudia “Aziza” Gibson-Hunter
  • Alexis Granwell
  • Ellen Hill
  • Ken Polinskie
  • Tongji Philip Qian
  • Randi Reiss-McCormack
  • Tara Sabharwal
  • Soledad Salamé
  • Preston Sampson
  • Gretchen Schermerhorn
  • Joyce J. Scott
  • Buzz Spector
  • Mary Ting
  • Anne Vilsboell

Exhibition Dates

October 22, 2023–May 19, 2024

Gallery Hours

9 a.m.–9 p.m. daily