The Bachelor of Science in psychology from University of Maryland Global Campus will help prepare you for graduate study or a multitude of careers in the field. While acquiring a knowledge base of theory, research, and practice in psychological sciences, you'll hone your quantitative skills, written and oral communication proficiencies, analytical and scientific reasoning, and ability to analyze human behavior.

These requirements are for students who enroll in the 2021–2022 academic year. For prior year academic requirements, visit our catalog archive.

This program is also available as a minor.

About the Psychology Bachelor's Degree

What You'll Learn

Through your coursework, you will learn how to

  • Design, participate in, and evaluate psychological research, describing the advantages, limitations, and ethical implications of various research strategies
  • Use critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry, technology-based information literacy, and the scientific approach to solve problems related to current and emerging trends in psychology
  • Evaluate psychological science and practice within professional and personal settings based on ethical principles of psychology
  • Communicate knowledge, ideas, arguments, and perspectives, interacting effectively with diverse groups across varied contexts
  • Appraise the complexity of sociocultural and international diversity and how it influences our understanding of behavior
  • Apply psychology-specific content skills, including effective self-reflection, project management, and teamwork skills, to career readiness and lifetime learning goals

Coursework Examples

In past projects, students have had the opportunity to

  • Analyze a case study, providing an appropriate diagnosis, a rationale for that diagnosis, and suggestions for treatment
  • Create a stress-management program and prepare a presentation
  • Participate in a career review project in which students research potential jobs or graduate programs and submit a résumé or an application for graduate school

Psychology Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Our curriculum is designed with input from employers, industry experts, and scholars. You'll learn theories combined with real-world applications and practical skills you can apply on the job right away.

Courses in the Major

Total Credits Required: 120

Required Major Courses

  • PSYC 100
  • PSYC 300
  • PSYC 301
  • PSYC 310 or any upper-level PSYC course
  • PSYC 321
  • PSYC 335
  • PSYC 341 or any upper-level PSYC course
  • PSYC 351 or any upper-level PSYC course
  • PSYC 353
  • PSYC 436
  • PSYC 495

Related Required Course

The following may be applied to general education or elective requirements:

  • STAT 200

General Education Requirements

UMGC outlines the options available to fulfill the 41 credits of general education coursework for bachelor's degrees on the General Education Requirements webpage.

In addition to the major, elective, and general education courses and requirements outlined on this page, please review the overall bachelor's degree requirements.

Career Preparation

This program is designed to help prepare you for graduate study, research, or direct services work at a mental health or medical facility. It can also provide useful skills for work in related fields, such as human resources, advertising, customer relations, or program management.

State-Specific Details

Learn more about professional licensure.

Student Clubs and Organizations

    Type: Honor society
    Available To: Undergraduate

    Pi Gamma Mu is the international honor society that recognizes outstanding scholarship in the social sciences at UMGC. Students interested in anthropology, criminal justice, economics, gerontology, history, political science, social psychology, sociology, and women's studies may qualify for membership. The society recently named UMGC's Maryland Theta chapter to its Roll of Distinction, the highest honor that the society grants. Winner of the 2020 UMGC Student Organization Awards Best-in-Show Activities and Events Award and the 2021 Student Organization of the Year Award!

    Type: Student organization
    Available To: Undergraduate and Graduate

    The Behavioral and Social Science Student Association provides its members with information and resources on careers in social science-related fields. Events and activities include guest speakers speakers in the field, discussions on making an impact in one's own community, and sharing research opportunities. Winner of a 2021 UMGC Student Organization Best-in-Show Activities and Events Award!