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What Can You Do with a Bachelor’s in Psychology?

Theresa Schempp
By Theresa Schempp

When deciding which bachelor’s degree to pursue, it may be helpful to consider an undergraduate degree that can give you skills that you can apply to multiple industries. Earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology could help you acquire valuable knowledge that employers look for today and equip you with a skillset that you can take wherever you go in your career.  

Explore Career Opportunities: A Psychology-Infused Journey

Students who earn a bachelor’s in psychology can prepare for a wide range of careers in fields including healthcare, business, research, and education. At University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), the bachelor’s in psychology program hones critical thinking and analytical skills, facilitating graduates' adeptness at addressing complex issues in their careers and personal lives.

“The study of psychology at UMGC offers insight into human behavior, emotions, and cognition, providing a foundation for understanding oneself and others,” says Phyllis Medina, program director of psychology at UMGC. “This knowledge of psychology is valuable in various professional settings.”

Career avenues for UMGC psychology graduates are vast, both within and outside of the field of psychology. The program equips them to pursue graduate studies or dive into fields such as human resources, marketing, or social services. Careers for professionals with a bachelor’s degree in psychology may include case manager, social services coordinator, market research analysist, or public relations specialist, to list a few.  

“For those who aspire to attend graduate school, UMGC’s bachelor’s degree in psychology serves as a solid foundation for advanced studies in psychology or related fields, providing opportunities for specialization and career advancement,” says Medina. “Our alumni have successfully achieved advanced degrees ranging from counseling, clinical psychology, to neuropsychology.” 

Thus, after earning their bachelor’s degree, graduates could go on to earn a master’s or doctorate.  

“Psychology equips individuals to make a positive impact on society by addressing mental health, social issues, and promoting overall well-being" says Medina. “The skills acquired by our students are transferable across industries, allowing graduates to pivot and adapt to evolving career landscapes.”

Earn Your Psychology Degree from UMGC: Empowering Futures

UMGC is dedicated to providing students with a high quality and affordable education to help them gain skills that they can apply in their career right away. The psychology program at UMGC is uniquely designed for adult learners and prioritizes workforce relevance by enhancing and updating the curriculum regularly. In addition, the program empowers students to readily identify and apply their knowledge about human behavior in real-world scenarios.

“A psychology degree serves as a universal key, unlocking opportunities across various industries,” says Medina. “Its utility is not limited to a specific field; any profession involving interactions to influence or guide individuals benefits from understanding behavior and common personality traits.” 

Students who pursue a bachelor’s in psychology can apply their degree to a variety of fields thanks to their expertise in skills that employers look for, such as decision-making, effective communication and information literacy.  

“In an era of growing employer demand for soft skills, our program equips students to navigate complex work environments, setting them on a path to success,” says Medina. “This broad applicability and versatility of a psychology education in today's dynamic job market ensures that whether learners choose to further their studies or embark on a career path directly after graduation, the UMGC psychology program empowers them with the skills and knowledge to thrive and make a meaningful impact on the world.”

Faculty Expertise: Bridging Academia and Real-World Experience

The UMGC psychology program is taught by faculty who are professionals and experts in their field. Students can benefit from their diverse insights and wealth of knowledge in psychology. UMGC faculty can also help students understand what types of skills and knowledge are valuable in today's job market.

Knowledge of psychology provides a deep understanding of human behavior, which is valuable in various professional settings

Phyllis Medina Program Director of Psychology at UMGC


“Our faculty members are not only experts in various psychology disciplines but also scholar-practitioners who blend academic knowledge with practical, real-world experience,” says Medina. “This unique combination of expertise ensures that our students receive an education enriched with insights directly applicable to their future careers, significantly elevating the overall quality of their learning experience.”

Why Choose UMGC?

University of Maryland Global Campus is an  accredited state university that offers the flexibility and accessibility of online learning. The psychology bachelor’s degree can be completed entirely online, and there is no requirement for the SAT®1 so students can apply immediately

To make their degree more affordable, qualified students can apply for different scholarships offered at UMGC, and there is also discounted tuition for Maryland residents and military students. No-cost digital resources have replaced textbooks in nearly every course, and many students can earn credit for prior learning or courses to earn their degree faster and save money in the process.  

UMGC is dedicated to ensuring that students not only earn a degree, but also reach their career goals outside of the classroom. That’s why students are offered lifetime career services at no cost and for the rest of their lives. Career services include access to internship listings, job fairs and events, mentorship and networking opportunities, and resume writing. 

The bachelor’s degree in psychology from UMGC stands out for its unwavering commitment to shaping future-ready professionals. Graduates not only gain a deep understanding of human behavior but are also prepared for diverse and rewarding careers across a multitude of industries.

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