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Save Time & Money on a Top-Quality Online MBA

Theresa Schempp
By Theresa Schempp

This article was originally published May 15, 2023, and was updated to reflect changes to UMGC’s MBA program.

University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) is excited to announce that students can now earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with five new specializations in as little as 16 months for about $21,000.

Building on our dedication to continuous innovation and to attainable, accessible, and affordable education, we evaluated our MBA program based on feedback from students and found ways to make it more flexible and customizable. With the new three-term structure, all core courses and specialization courses will be offered six times per year, so students can earn their MBA on their own time and take as few as three credits at a time. Most courses have no prerequisites and can be taken in any order with few exceptions.

The new MBA program at UMGC also gives students the opportunity to add a specialization to their MBA, so they can customize their degree to fit the career they want. Students can earn a specialization in finance, marketing, nonprofit management, human resource management, or global business.

Specializations are optional, and students can choose from a variety of elective courses if they prefer. Students who choose a specialization will earn a digital badge that they can include on their resumes or professional profiles.

“Whether to specialize or not while earning an MBA depends on the student’s personal interests and the industry which they want to work in,” says Ravi Mittal, chair for the department of business administration at UMGC. “This expertise can make students more competitive in the job market if the specialization aligns with their career goals, and some employers may view a focused area of expertise as a demonstration of commitment to specific job roles.”

MBA Supplemental Content

Recognizing students come to the MBA program with varying education and work experience, UMGC offers students access to a deep bank of supplemental content carefully collated and created to directly support each of the core MBA courses. Embedded in this library of resources is a Preflight tool that helps students determine their areas of strength and preparedness for their MBA, while also providing academic support in the way of a custom Blueprint, unique to each student. This Blueprint Study Plan will help fill gaps and provide additional resources for use when most appropriate for the student - before classes begin, while working on a project, or at any time a little added support is needed.

An MBA Program Designed for You

When designing the MBA program, UMGC identified industry skills valued by employers and mapped them to learning modules within the courses. When choosing a specialization in the MBA, students can prepare for specific job skills within the field they wish to pursue.

Students who earn an MBA with a specialization can obtain industry-specific skills:

  • Finance: Financial planning, corporate finance, and risk management
  • Marketing: Marketing strategies, marketing research, and digital marketing
  • Nonprofit management: Nonprofit management, fundraising, and donor relations 
  • Human resource management: Organizational behavior, leadership, and people management
  • Global business: International business strategy, risk management, and leadership

Regardless of which specialization a student chooses, they can master a variety of business skills, including:

  • Integrating and applying principles from key functional disciplines of business
  • Making ethical business decisions while demonstrating leadership skills, teamwork, and a commitment to DEI
  • Conducting research, analyzing, and implementing a business plan
  • Generating and evaluating entrepreneurial ideas and business solutions
  • Framing business decisions in the context of a global environment
  • Communicating effectively in a variety of settings to diverse stakeholders

UMGC's MBA program is designed for entrepreneurial leaders who want to thrive in today's digital business environment. At UMGC, you can also showcase the value of your MBA with a Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR), which allows you to digitally demonstrate the in-demand skills you learned to employers.   

In a 2022 survey of more than 5,000 UMGC alumni, 93 percent of MBA alumni said their UMGC experience prepared them well for the workforce. In addition, according to Steppingblocks the average salary for over 16,000 UMGC MBA alumni is $106,350.

Advance with a Trusted and Accredited MBA Program 

An MBA from UMGC provides students with a degree from an accredited university that is backed by the University System of Maryland (USM). UMGC’s MBA program has also been accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) for more than 20 years. IACBE's accreditation process examines if a program is functioning and teaching effectively, which requires that its member institutions follow a process of continuous quality improvement that builds student competencies and prepares them to succeed professionally. 

UMGC’s MBA program was the first U.S.-based MBA program designed specifically for online delivery. Our MBA program gives students the ability to frame business decisions and solve problems in the context of a global environment. Our faculty facilitate discussions so you can learn from both accomplished professors and fellow students. Our innovative online classroom gives students 24-hour technical support and the ability to earn their degree on their schedule.

Learn from Experienced Faculty and Access Student Services  

At UMGC, our world-class faculty have a wealth of experience in the field. This work experience results in course assignments designed to help you prioritize real-world skills and experience. In the MBA program, you will learn how to develop a marketing strategy, manage a workforce, and make investing and capital budgeting decisions.  And, throughout your educational journey, you are provided a success coach to ensure that you are successfully tracking and navigating through the program toward graduation.

Students in the MBA program will also have access to value-added benefits to help them succeed in the workforce. Community Connect gives students access to profiles of more than 900 MBA graduates who can serve as a career resource for students taking the next step in their career, and InternPLUS  allows students to gain industry experience and develop their skills in real time through virtual job simulations by completing short, real-world, company backed online projects.

UMGC has a strong network of over 20,000 MBA alumni and several of our student organizations, like the UMGC chapters of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) allow you to connect with classmates on similar career paths. You also gain access to UMGC’s lifetime career services at no additional cost, which provide you with career opportunities such as job fairs, federal job searches, and resume and cover letter assistance.

Getting Started on Your MBA 

UMGC provides both an accredited and affordable education that allows you the flexibility to earn your degree as a working professional. UMGC doesn’t require the GMAT for admission and we enroll students year-round, so you can get started as soon as you’re ready.

UMGC’s online MBA program is the perfect fit if you are looking to broaden your business knowledge or prepare for career advancement. You can apply at any time, and can access the asynchronous online program from almost anywhere in the world. With an MBA, you can apply the skills you learn in the program to any industry, and it can make you stand out as a strong candidate employers are looking for. Take the next step in advancing your career and succeed with an MBA from UMGC.

Reference on this webpage to any third-party entity or product does not constitute or imply endorsement by UMGC nor does it constitute or imply endorsement of UMGC by the third party.  


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