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Excelsior College

Earn credit at UMGC for your UExcel and Excelsior College exam results.

Excelsior College previously offered UExcel exams and Excelsior College Examinations as a way for students to earn credit toward college degree programs. While Excelsior College no longer offers these exams (which covered topics in business, education, liberal arts, science, history, mathematics, and technology), students who have already taken them can still use the credits toward college degree programs.

Requesting Your Scores

You will need the University of Maryland Global Campus code number for Excelsior College exams, which is 02626. For more information, please call 888-647-2388 or email

Visit to learn how to obtain your scores.

When the scores have been received, an evaluator will determine whether they meet the standards established at UMGC for granting credit and how much credit may be awarded.

UExcel Exams & UMGC Course Equivalencies

Examination TitleCourse EquivalentsScore RequiredNumber of Credits
Abnormal Psychology (PSYx310)(3 Credits, PSYC 353)C3 UL
Adult Nursing (NURx310)ElectiveC8 UL
Anatomy & Physiology (BIOx210)BIOL 201 and BIOL 202 (not lab sci); should also take (1 Credit, BIOL 161) or (1 Credit, BIOL 102) to meet lab requirement.C6 LL
Anatomy & Physiology I (BIOx104)BIOL 201 (lecture only)C3 LL
Anatomy & Physiology II (BIOx106)BIOL 202 (lecture only)C3 LL
Basic Genetics (BIOx250)(3 Credits, BIOL 222)C3 LL
Bioethics: Philosophical Issues (HUMx310)(3 Credits, BIOL 328)C3 UL
Business Ethics (BUSx323)(3 Credits, BMGT 496)C3 UL
Business Information Systems (BUSx221)IFSM ElectiveC3 LL
Business Law (BUSx230)(3 Credits, BMGT 380)C3 LL
Calculus (MATx150)(4 Credits, MATH 140)C4 LL
College Writing (ENGx110)Writing ElectiveC3 LL
Contemporary Math (MATx100)ElectiveC3 LL
Cultural Diversity (SOCx305)(3 Credits, BEHS 220)C3 UL
Earth Science (GEOx101)(3 Credits, GEOL 100)C3 LL
English Composition (ENGx111)Writing Elective (satisfies 3rd Writing or Speech in GERs)C6 LL
Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Differences (NURx105)ElectiveC3 LL
Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Safety (NURx104)ElectiveC3 LL
Ethics: Theory and Practice (PHIx310)PHIL ElectiveC3 UL
Financial Accounting (ACCx211)(3 Credits, ACCT 220)C3 LL
Foundations in Nursing Practice (NURx109)ElectiveC3 LL
Foundations of Gerontology (HSCx310; SOCx310)(3 Credits, GERO 100)C3 UL
Fundamentals of Nursing (NURx210)ElectiveC8 LL
General Chemistry I (CHEx101)(3 Credits, CHEM 121)C3 LL
Health Differences Across the Life Span 1 (NURx211)ElectiveC3 LL
Health Differences Across the Life Span 2 (NURx212)ElectiveC3 LL
Health Differences Across the Life Span 3 (NURx213)ElectiveC3 LL
Human Resource Management (BUSx410; HSCx410)(3 Credits, HRMN 300)C3 UL
Interpersonal Communication (COMx215)(3 Credits, SPCH 125)C3 LL
Introduction to Computer Programming Using Java (ITEx210)CMIS 141C3 LL
Introduction to Macroeconomics (ECOx262)(3 Credits, ECON 201)C3 LL
Introduction to Microeconomics (ECOx260)(3 Credits, ECON 203)C3 LL
Introduction to Music (MUSx101)MUSC ElectiveC3 LL
Introduction to Philosophy (PHIx101)(3 Credits, PHIL 100)C3 LL
Introduction to Psychology (PSYx101)(3 Credits, PSYC 100)C3 LL
Introduction to Sociology (SOCx105)(3 Credits, SOCY 100)C3 LL
Juvenile Delinquency (SOCx320)(3 Credits, CCJS 350)C3 UL
Labor Relations (BUSx360)(3 Credits, HRMN 362)C3 UL
Life Span Developmental Psychology (PSYx210)PSYC 351C3 LL
Literacy Instruction in the Elementary School (EDUx310)ElectiveC6 UL
Managerial Accounting (ACCx212)(3 Credits, ACCT 221)C3 LL
Maternal & Child Nursing (NURx315)ElectiveC8 UL
Microbiology (BIOx220)(4 Credits, BIOL 230) (lecture only; not lab sci)C3 LL
Operations Management (BUSx425)BMGT ElectiveC3 UL
Organizational Behavior (SSCx315; BUSx315)(3 Credits, BMGT 464)C3 UL
Pathophysiology (BIOx410)(3 Credits, BIOL 301)C3 UL
Physics (PHYx140)PHYS 111 and PHYS 112 (science lecture only)C6 LL
Political Science (POLx170)(3 Credits, GVPT 100)C3 LL
Precalculus Algebra (MATx116)(3 Credits, MATH 107)C3 LL
Principles of Finance (BUSx350)(3 Credits, FINC 330)C3 UL
Principles of Management (BUSx240)(3 Credits, BMGT 160)C3 LL
Principles of Marketing (BUSx250)MRKT ElectiveC3 LL
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing (NURx320)ElectiveC8 UL
Psychology of Adulthood and Aging (PSYx315; HSCx315)PSYC 357C3 UL
Quantitative Analysis (BUSx437)FINC ElectiveC3 UL
Reproductive Health (NURx209)ElectiveC3 LL
Research Methods in Psychology (PSYx365)(3 Credits, PSYC 300)C3 UL
Science of Nutrition (SCIx259)(3 Credits, NUTR 100)C3 LL
Social Psychology (PSYx325)PSYC 321C3 UL
Spanish Language (SPAx102)(3 Credits, SPAN 111) and (3 Credits, SPAN 112)C6 LL
Statistics (MATx210)(3 Credits, STAT 200)C3 LL
Transition to the Professional Nurse Role (NURx108)ElectiveC3 LL
Weather and Climate (PHYx120)(3 Credits, NSCI 170)C3 LL
Workplace Communication with Computers (BUSx220)COMM ElectiveC3 LL
World Conflict Since 1900 (HISx340)HIST ElectiveC3 UL
World Population (SOCx330)SOCY ElectiveC3 UL

UMGC is not responsible for determining students' prior knowledge or preparation for these exams. Approval to take exams does not guarantee award of credit. Other conditions, such as the appropriate score, must be satisfied. All estimates are based on current exams. If you have taken any exams in earlier years, please contact your advisor for more information about scores and equivalencies. All information on credit by exam is subject to change without notice.

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