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Honorary Degrees

UMGC awards honorary degrees to individuals who have made major contributions to their field.

University of Maryland Global Campus grants honorary degrees approved by the University System of Maryland Board of Regents to outstanding individuals who have made major contributions in intellectual, scholarly, or creative areas. Honorary degrees are also awarded to those who have risen to a position of eminence, acquired a national or international reputation, or compiled a record of distinguished public service in a selected field of endeavor.

Honorary Degree Recipients

TitleFirst NameLast NameLocationYearDegree
Major GeneralWilliam J.BowersOkinawa, Japan2022Doctor of Public Service
Brigadier GeneralJosephD'costaKorea2022Doctor of Public Service
CaptainMichaelLuckettGuam2022Doctor of Public Service
Brigadier General (Ret.)Charles K.HydeOkinawa, Japan2021Doctor of Public Service
ColonelOtis C.JonesTokyo, Japan2019Doctor of Public Service
Mr.WesMooreAdelphi, Maryland2019Doctor of Public Service
ColonelScott W.MuellerSeoul, Korea2019Doctor of Public Service
Lieutenant GeneralRichard M.ClarkRamstein, Germany2018Doctor of Public Service
ColonelTony S.LombardoOkinawa, Japan2018Doctor of Public Service
ColonelKenneth E.MossTokyo, Japan2018Doctor of Public Service
The HonorableBenjamin J. F.CruzGuam2017Doctor of Public Service
Mr.GilesFodenRamstein, Germany2017Doctor of Public Service
The HonorableHiroshiFukudaTokyo, Japan2017Doctor of Public Service
Mr.YutakaKawashimaTokyo, Japan2017Doctor of Public Service
Lieutenant GeneralThomas S.VandalSeoul, Korea2017Doctor of Public Service
AmbassadorMarrietSchuurmanKaiserslautern, Germany2016Doctor of Public Service
Major GeneralJames C.Boozer Sr.Tokyo, Japan2015Doctor of Public Service
Lieutenant GeneralRobert BrooksBrownKaiserslautern, Germany2015Doctor of Public Service
JudgeMaria TeresaBonifacio CenzonGuam2015Doctor of Public Service
Major GeneralRoderick J.IslerAdelphi, Maryland2014Doctor of Public Service
The HonorableSung Y.Kim 2014Doctor of Public Service
The HonorableAlfred R.MaglebyOkinawa, Japan2014Doctor of Public Service
GeneralCurtis M.ScaparrottiSeoul, Korea2014Doctor of Public Service
ColonelWilliam C.BentleyHeidelberg, Germany2013Doctor of Public Service
GeneralJames D.ThurmanSeoul, Korea2013Doctor of Public Service
The HonorableStephanieRawlings-BlakeAdelphi, Maryland2013Doctor of Public Service
 JonathanDorfanOkinawa, Japan2012Doctor of Public Service
Major GeneralCharles F.Bolden Jr.Heidelberg, Germany2012Doctor of Public Service
GeneralWilliam T.HobbinsHeidelberg, Germany2011Doctor of Public Service
The HonorableJohn V.RoosTokyo, Japan2011Doctor of Public Service
 Philip D.MurphyHeidelberg, Germany2010Doctor of Public Service
The HonorableJames B.SmithHeidelberg, Germany2010Doctor of Public Service
 ZhouWenzhong 2009Doctor of Public Service
 WarrenBrown 2008Doctor of Public Service
The HonorableSara TuckerMartinez 2008Doctor of Public Service
 Norman B.Anderson 2007Doctor of Public Service
The HonorableRobert M.Bell 2007Doctor of Public Service
 DerylMcKissack 2007Doctor of Public Service
 Myung-bakLee 2006 
 William R.Roberts 2006 
The HonorableWilliam R.Timken Jr. 2006 
 StephenBurchAdelphi, Maryland2005Doctor of Public Service
 HowardFrenchTokyo, Japan2005Doctor of Humane Letters
 LindaGoodenAdelphi, Maryland2005Doctor of Public Service
 ChristopherHillSeoul, Korea2005Doctor of Public Service
Dr.DetlefJunker 2005Doctor of Public Service
Dr.HerrJunkerEurope2005Doctor of Humane Letters
 RobertLaughlinSeoul2005Doctor of Humane Letters
 MichaelVatikiotisOkinawa, Japan2005Doctor of Humane Letters
GeneralBurwell B.Bell III 2004Doctor of Public Service
 Benjamin S.Carson Sr. 2004Doctor of Public Service
The HonorableJudith A.McHale 2003Doctor of Public Service
 Paik SunYupKorea2003Doctor of Public Service
AmbassadorHowardBakerAsia2002Doctor of Public Service
 NancyKassebaum BakerAsia2002Doctor of Public Service
The HonorableWilliams S.Cohen 2002Doctor of Public Service
GeneralGregory S.MartinEurope2002Doctor of Public Service
GeneralThomas A.SchwartzKorea2002Doctor of Laws
GeneralJoseph W.Ralston 2001Doctor of Public Service
 GerhardRemboldSchwabisch-Gmund2001Doctor of Public Service
 Sheila VioletMaka SisuluAdelphi, Maryland2001Doctor of Public Service
The HonorableParris N.Glendening 2000Doctor of Public Service
 Donald S.OrkandAdelphi, Maryland2000Doctor of Laws
 Eisuke  SakakibaraTokyo, Japan2000Doctor of Laws
 DonaldRichieTokyo, Japan1999Doctor of Humane Letters
 Stephen W.BosworthSeoul, Korea1998Doctor of Laws
 William J.PerryAsia1997Doctor of Science
 HirokoShoAsia1997Doctor of Humane Letters
 HansTietmeyer  Heidelberg, Germany1997Doctor of Laws
GeneralJohn H.Tilelli Jr.Asia1997Doctor of Laws
 RafaelVinoly  Japan1997Doctor of Fine Arts
 Charles E.Redman  Heidelberg, Germany1996Doctor of Laws
 IsaoYonekura  Tokyo, Japan1996Doctor of Laws
 Charles E.Peck  Adelphi, Maryland1995Doctor of Public Service
 Jurgen F.Strube  Heidelberg, Germany1995Doctor of Laws
 Ruth L.Otte  Adelphi, Maryland1993Doctor of Humane Letters
 John M.ShalikashviliEurope1993Doctor of Laws
 SchinichiSuzuki  Asia1993Doctor of Music
 MandredRommel  Heidelberg, Germany1992Doctor of Laws
 Fiodor KarlovichSchmidt  Heidelberg, Germany1992Doctor of Science
 Michael H.Armacost  Asia1990Doctor of Laws
 Edward J.Perkins  Adelphi, Maryland1990Doctor of Laws
 Vernon A.Walters  Heidelberg, Germany1990Doctor of Laws
 Larry D.Welch  Adelphi, Maryland1989Doctor of Laws
 Klausvon KlitzingHeidelberg, Germany1988Doctor of Science
 Karl OttoPoehl  Heidelberg, Germany1987Doctor of Laws
 MikeMansfield  Tokyo, Japan1986Doctor of Laws
 Robert F.Tardio  Adelphi, Maryland1986Doctor of Laws
 Joseph D.Tydings  Adelphi, Maryland1986Doctor of Public Service
 Wang GuangYing  Adelphi, Maryland1986Doctor of Laws
 Putlitz Gisbertzu FreiherrHeidelberg, Germany1986Doctor of Science
 HermanMaril  Adelphi, Maryland1985Doctor of Fine Arts
 Thomas G.Pownhall  Adelphi, Maryland1985Doctor of Laws
 Arthur R.Burns  Heidelberg, Germany1984Doctor of Laws
 Hiltgunt MargartZassenhaus  Adelphi, Maryland1984Doctor of Humane Letters
 IsaacStern  Adelphi, Maryland1983Doctor of Music
 Franz JosephStrauss  Europe1983Doctor of Laws
 W. JohnVessey Jr.Adelphi, Maryland1983Doctor of Humane Letters
 Ezra F.Vogel  Asia1983Doctor of Humane Letters
 TheoSommer  Europe1982Doctor of Laws
 WilliamBevan  Adelphi, Maryland1981Doctor of Science
 Clifford L.Alexander  Adelphi, Maryland1980Doctor of Laws
 MstislavRostropovichAdelphi, Maryland1980Doctor of Music
 Mildred WirtzScheel  Heidelberg, Germany1980Doctor of Science
 NobuhikoUshiba  Tokyo, Japan1980Doctor of Laws
 Richard D.Weigle  Adelphi, Maryland1980Doctor of Humane Letters
 Mary FrancesBerry  Heidelberg, Germany1979Doctor of Laws
 William DonaldSchaefer  Adelphi, Maryland1979Doctor of Public Service
 WalterPerry  Adelphi, Maryland1978Doctor of Humane Letters
 EdwardTeller  Heidelberg, Germany1977Doctor of Science
 FrederickBrietenfield Jr.Adelphi, Maryland1976Doctor of Humane Letters
 WalterScheel  Heidelberg, Germany1975Doctor of Laws
 Cyril NorthcoteParkinson  Heidelberg, Germany1974Doctor of Laws
 Neil AldenArmstrongHeidelberg, Germany1971Doctor of Science
 James HilliardPolk  Heidelberg, Germany1969Doctor of Military Science
The HonorableEarlWarren  Heidelberg, Germany1966Doctor of Laws
 Arnold J.Toynbee  Heidelberg, Germany1964Doctor of Humane Letters
 TamonMaeda  Tokyo, Japan1962Doctor of Laws
 Edwin OldfatherReischauer  Tokyo, Japan1962Doctor of Laws
 H. E. Paul-HenriSpaak  Adelphi, Maryland1962Doctor of Laws
 Carter B.Magruder  Tokyo, Japan1961Doctor of Military Science
 Elvis JacobStahr Jr.Heidelberg, Germany1961Doctor of Laws
 ShigeruYoshidaTokyo, Japan1961Doctor of Laws
 WillyBrandtHeidelberg, Germany1960Doctor of Laws
 KotaroTanakaTokyo, Japan1960Doctor of Laws
 DouglasMacArthur IITokyo, Japan1959Doctor of Laws
 GerhardSchroeder  Heidelberg, Germany1959Doctor of Laws
 David K. E.BruceHeidelberg, Germany1958Doctor of Laws
 Isaac DavisWhiteTokyo, Japan1958Doctor of Military Science
 William H.TunnerHeidelberg, Germany1956Doctor of Military Science
 Matthew B.RidgwayParis, France1952Doctor of Military Science
 KonradAdenauerAdelphi, Maryland1951Doctor of Laws
 Hansvon KresBonn, Germany1951Doctor of Letters

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