If you've studied abroad, you can transfer credit to University of Maryland Global Campus. Follow these guidelines to ensure your transfer credits are evaluated properly.

Requesting an International Student Credit Evaluation

You earn international study transfer credit at UMGC by working with an independent approved agency. For your convenience, UMGC has provided the names of the agencies and their contact information.

English Language Proficiency

If you were educated abroad, you need to demonstrate college-level proficiency in written English as part of UMGC's international student admissions requirements.

What's Next?

After you've applied to UMGC, met the international student admissions requirements, and submitted your transcripts with the approved evaluation, you can register for a maximum of 7 credits in your first semester. This limit is in place while we await verification of your academic credentials from the independent agency you've selected. Keep in mind that your credit will need to be verified before you can register for a second semester at UMGC.