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Success Coaches Support Your Academic Goals

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Success Coaches Support Your Academic Goals

At UMGC, we are focused on your success. From the moment you enroll in your first class as a student, you're assigned a success coach who partners with you as you work toward your degree and helps make sure you are going at a pace that works with your life. When you have somebody that is invested in your success and making sure that you're on track at school, it really does make a difference. Your success coach will support you with creating an academic plan, registering for classes, understanding military benefits, learning time management techniques, communicating with faculty, and linking to resources. Find out more about UMGC’s success coaches and how we can help you achieve your educational dreams at



Title: Success Coaches Support Your Academic Goals


Martina Hansen
UMGC Senior Vice President
Chief Student Affairs Officer

Martina Hansen: When a student comes to UMGC, we assign them a success coach, their own personal success coach, who is their biggest advocate, their biggest cheerleader, and the person that can help them navigate the university.

Web screenshot: Success Coaching & Advising

Louis Monk, UMGC Graduate, BS Psychology

Louis Monk: I would describe my relationship with UMGC as a partnership because I feel like all along the way, they were there calling me, checking in on me.

Screen shot of resources online  

Mervin Walls
UMGC Success Coach
Office of Student Success

Success Coach/student zoom call

Mervin Walls: The success coach is actually partnering with students as they work towards their academic goals, making sure they're going at a pace that works with their life schedule. 

We're asking specifically what their interests are, what their career goals are, and kind of figuring out who this student is specifically, not just as a number, but as a student.

Chelsea McLaughlin, UMGC Graduate, MBA

Chelsea Mclaughlin: My experience with the success coaches was one that was always full of support. They did everything that they could to make sure that I succeeded, that all my questions were answered.

Jaclyn Hale, UMGC Success Coach - Chat, Office of Student Success

Student/Success Coach zoom call

Jaclyn Hale: About 24 hours after a student enrolls in their first class, they're assigned a success coach. It's not a one-size-fits-all situation. We want to know what you need, where you want to go, how we can help you get there.

Jarron Jackson, UMGC Graduate, BS Criminal Justice

Student at commencement with family

Jarron Jackson: My success coach reached out to me frequently and often and it felt personal. It didn't feel like it was a form email, it wasn't like a check the box kind of thing. It was literally to see how I was doing and how they can help me succeed.

Success Coach email

Student studying/advising

Jaclyn Hale: And then we grow with you. We might check in with you every two to three weeks, if that's what you need. So that will really change, and it'll flex and evolve as you evolve and grow as a student.

Hope Spriggs
UMGC Success Coach, Office of Student Success

Busy student

Hope Spriggs: We're here for you on your good days, your bad days, and everywhere in between… through support academically, or even just being a listening ear.

Sarah Shepherd, UMGC Success Coach, Office of Student Success

Sarah on call with student

Sarah Shepherd: So as your success coach I’ll work with you through your academic planning, such as registration, talking about your classes.

MOTION ILLUSTRATING: time management calendar

Hope Spriggs: I like to help them with what I call the time management calendar. Whenever you're working, we plan that into the schedule. We also plan in school work.

Sarah on call with student

Web screenshot: Effective Writing Center

Sarah Shepherd: Oh, great – so you said you use the Effective Writing Center. How was your experience at the Effective Writing Center? And is there anything else you wanted to talk about today?

Learning accessible everywhere

“UMGC has so many resources! We can evaluate your prior learning, develop your academic plan, register you for classes, create a time management plan, connect to the writing center, explore career services, reach out for tutoring, help communicate with professors. And it’s all included with your tuition. No extra cost.” 

Martina Hansen:

As we think about our students being adult learners and the military, we have to be able to deliver our services 24 hours a day seven days a week and accessible to any student anywhere. Someone to just talk to about what you need help with or through live chat to get answers whenever they need them.  

Shawn Little 

UMGC Acting Site Lead Kadena, Sr. Testing Military Education Coordinator

Military students

Shawn Little: I work on the front line with students everyday. I understand and respect what the military goes through. I put them at ease, and I guide them down an easier path.

Renetta Hill, UMGC Graduate, BA, Graphic Communication

Military student with success coach, Renetta studying, military students in class

Renetta Hill: So I started my degree when I was active-duty military. When you have somebody that you know cares. They're actually calling to check on you to make sure that everything is good, and make sure that you're on track as far as your degree plan, and everything. So it really does make a difference. 

Yazmine Castaneda, UMGC Success Coach, Office of Student Success

Screenshot of UMGC military student resources and how to apply for tuition assistance.

Sample military degree plan.

Advisors with military students, exterior education center, Yazmine on a call

Yazmine Castaneda: We do like to make sure that our military students also feel supported. We are well aware of when they should be submitting that tuition assistance form, how we can streamline their process of getting their military degree plans and just making sure that they are informed that their education center as well as their success coaches are here to help support them.

Rickelle Gordon, UMGC Graduate, BA Communication Studies

Graduate throwing confetti

Rickelle Gordon: My success coaches, they always checked in with me constantly. When I would cry, like ‘I don't know how I'm going to make it this next semester.’ They were like, ‘It's okay. We've heard it all before, and we're here for you. And that you're going to make it. You’re going to push through.’

Krystal Claggett, UMGC Graduate, BS Cybersecurity Technology and Human Resource Management


Krystal Claggett: They sent me these cute emails, "Kudos on your grades," or, "Congratulations on finishing this semester." Those really push us through as online students.

Bernard Taylor, UMGC Graduate, BS Psychology

Bernard Taylor: The success coaches were fantastic. And now I'm here today because of them. So I have to say congratulations to my success coach.  

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