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Dual Degrees 

Anna Seferian, PhD
By Anna Seferian, PhD

At the start of the fall 2023 session, UMGC began offering accelerated online dual degrees to graduates from our Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.  Through the dual degree program you may be able to earn a second master's degree with only 24 credits—that’s 12 fewer credits than if taken separately. You can enhance  your MBA with a Master of Science in Management with one of three specializations:

Is a Dual Degree Worth It?

For those seeking to broaden and advance their education in business and management, there are definite advantages to obtaining an accelerated second master’s degree from UMGC.

First, a dual degree facilitates your career growth in a specific direction. A second master’s degree can equip you with a particular combination of skills that can distinguish you in the job market, providing a unique opportunity to enhance and focus your expertise. Plus, holding a second degree signals to employers that you are a life-learner who is always interested in expanding your skillset.

In addition, with dual degrees you can obtain a second master’s in a shorter time and for less money than you could pursuing the same two degrees separately. UMGC’s online dual degree options are market-driven and provide in-demand combinations of skills and knowledge.

In your classes at UMGC, you’ll have the ability to connect with students and faculty from a different field, providing you with a broader academic and business perspective. And, because UMGC is a truly global university, your online classes enable you to connect with students from different parts of the world, offering an international perspective, as well.

How Dual Degrees Work at UMGC

Instead of enrolling in both master’s programs simultaneously, at UMGC you complete the MBA program first to be eligible for a second master's degree. Given UMGCs’ focus on industry-relevant education and our commitment to providing the most value to our students, we’ve found this approach to be preferable.

While you don’t have to commit to a second degree immediately, UMGC requires that you start the second degree program within two years of completing your MBA. That way, you can reap the full value of accelerated dual degrees by building on the knowledge and skills you’ve gained in your first degree. You’ll also realize the savings in time and money by earning the second degree faster and with fewer credits. 

MBA Plus MS in Management: Three Market-Driven Combinations 

The dual degree combinations available to UMGC students are created to meet the needs of a dynamic job market and are subject to change with each year’s new course catalog. The availability of the dual degrees is governed by the catalog of the year a student starts the second degree. UMCG closely monitors industry trends and requirements, and our dual degree offerings are designed to help prepare students to meet existing demands in the workforce.

This year, UMGC offers three specific combinations for accelerated dual degrees. You can combine an MBA with an MS in Management with a specialization in human resource management, marketing, or project management. Such specializations allow you a deeper dive into specific functional areas, which, when applied on top of a broad MBA foundation, creates a synergy of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are highly valued by employers.

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): The skills obtained in the online MBA program can provide strong foundations in a broad set of business and management skills, including leadership, business strategy, operations, problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, communication, and organizational skills. The focus is on applying these skills to a variety of organizational settings and environments.
  • Human Resource Management: Building on your MBA, this specialization is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to be a strategic HR partner with your organization. You’ll gain practical skills in employee relations, recruitment, talent management, training, compensation, and workforce development. You will also acquire strategic skills in organizational development, and change management as well as competencies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The program is aligned with HR Certification Institute® standards and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) industry-proven and verified Body of Applied Skills and Knowledge™, so you’ll have confidence in knowing that you are receiving the skills approved by SHRM and sought after by today’s industries. You may also earn recertification credits, take exam prep courses for certifications through the university, and build networks through our student-led virtual UMGC SHRM association chapter.
  • Marketing: The specialization in marketing is designed for those seeking higher-level positions within an organization, such as marketing manager, brand manager, or chief marketing officer—as well as anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur. The online courses are designed to provide in-depth understanding of marketing principles, strategies, and tactics. With an MBA as your foundational degree, you’ll learn to develop and execute effective business strategies based on marketing analytics, create optimal marketing communications to promote customer engagement, and gain proficiency in digital marketing and social media.
  • Project Management: Along with an MBA, the project management specialization can give you a formidable combination of skills and techniques essential for leading projects to successful completion while creating value for your organization and stakeholders. You’ll learn to leverage both traditional and agile project management techniques for any industry or organization, regardless of size, complexity, or geographical dispersion of the project team. The online courses cover all aspects of planning, executing, monitoring, and closing a project, as well as technology and modeling, to provide a balance of hard and soft skills that are highly prized by employers. The coursework can also prepare you for taking the PMP, PMI-ACP, CAPM, and CSM certification exams.

As with nearly all UMGC programs, these master’s degrees can be completed entirely online. Hybrid courses are also available for the MBA and the project management specialization. Plus, UMGC has replaced expensive, bulky textbooks with no-cost digital course materials in many courses courses. You can access them directly from your online classroom.

With our streamlined admissions process that doesn't require the GMAT or GRE and multiple start dates throughout the year, UMGC makes it as easy as possible to fit school into your busy life. You can apply, enroll, and access a comprehensive array of support services and resources—all from your electronic device. And UMGC also provides students with lifetime career services to help you after you graduate and throughout your career.


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