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Policy 367.00

Requisition Approval Authority

Originator: Senior Vice President, Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Subject: UMGC Policy on Requisition Approval

  1. Applicability

    This Policy applies to applicable approval levels for all purchasing requisitions. A requisition is a form used to request approval to make a purchase using UMGC funds. This Policy does not authorize an employee who submits a purchase requisition to sign procurement contracts, purchase orders, human resources/employment contracts and associated agreements or third party agreements. Signature Authority is covered by UMGC Policy 366.00—Signature Authority.

  2. Approval Required

    1. Purchase Requisitions that are used to purchase goods and/or services require the following:

      1. The UMGC Workday requisition form, or similar paper requisition form, documents the request and approval amount of a requisition entered by an approved UMGC requisitioner.
      2. UMGC Purchase Requisition Approval

        1. The requisition form must be approved by an authorized individual as follows:

          1. Under $25,000 (Level 1) – Approval by the appropriate Director, or higher is required.
          2. Between $25,000.01 and $100,000 (Level 2) – Approval by the appropriate Associate Vice President/Dean or higher is required.
          3. Between $100,000.01 and $500,000 (Level 3) – Approval by the Senior Vice President or higher.
          4. Over $500,000 – Approval by the Chief Financial Officer.


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