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Policy 420.31

Procedures to Request and Approve Internal Overload Teaching or Training

Owner: Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer

  1. Purpose

    1. Internal overload teaching or training is teaching or training performed for UMGC for additional compensation for a specific, finite period of time, when such teaching or training is not part of the employee's appointment.

  2. Scope

    1. This Policy applies to Collegiate Faculty, Professors of the Practice, and UMGC Librarians.

  3. Policy

    1. Internal overload teaching shall not exceed 18 semester hours for the 12-month academic year.

    2. Fifteen training hours are equivalent to 1 semester hour. Internal overload training shall not exceed 270 training hours for the 12-month academic year.

    3. A combination of overload teaching and training shall not exceed the equivalent of 18 semester hours per year.

  4. Procedure

    1. An employee wishing to teach or train must receive approval from his/her unit head and the unit head of the unit for which the teaching or training will be performed. The approval of the Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer (SVP/CAO) (or designee) is required only if the overload exceeds 6 semester hours for a semester or trimester. The approved form will detail the teaching or training to be performed.

    2. The SVP/CAO or designee shall review all approved requests to determine if the overload limit has been exceeded. If so, the request will be returned to the employee unapproved.

  5. Grants or Contracts Administered by UMGC

    1. Staff or faculty may not serve as paid consultants on grants or contracts that are administered by UMGC.

    2. In unusual and exceptional cases, a waiver that requires the approval of the President and the Chancellor may be requested.

  6. Reporting
    At the end of the fiscal year, the SVP/CAO or designee shall prepare and submit a report to the President by August 30 of all the overload approved during the year, listing the person, the person's department, the department for which the services were rendered, a description of the services, the amount paid, the semester, and the equivalent credit hours.

  7. Forms

    1. Request for Approval of Overload Payment

  8. Relevant Policies

    1. For external overload policy, see Policy 460.40 - Outside Professional Consultancy and Extra-University Professional Services.

Original Policy Approval Date10/04/12
Substantive Revision Dates10/16/12
Technical Amendment Dates4/17/20